New York City’s delivery workers have reason to celebrate after a judge recently rejected a request by Uber, DoorDash, and Grubhub to block the city’s new minimum wage rules. The ruling by New York Acting Supreme Court Justice Nicholas Moyne allows the law to go into effect, mandating that gig workers be paid a minimum wage of $17.96 per hour, increasing to $20 an hour by 2025. The decision is seen as a significant win for delivery worker advocates and is expected to improve the livelihoods of the city’s largely undocumented immigrant workforce.

Delivery worker advocates view this ruling as a major milestone, bringing them one step closer to earning a living wage for their work. For years, New York City’s delivery workers, consisting of around 65,000 mostly undocumented immigrants, have been earning less than $8 an hour after expenses. The Worker’s Justice Project and Los Deliveristas Unidos expressed their satisfaction, stating, “Multi-billion dollar companies will not profit off of the backs of immigrant workers and get away with it. This landmark victory is a stark reminder that workers will always win.”

While the judge’s ruling allows the minimum wage law to be implemented, there are still potential hurdles ahead. Last July, the judge temporarily halted the law’s enforcement while considering the companies’ request to block it until the case was resolved. Therefore, although the law is now in effect, the lawsuit filed by the companies will continue to work its way through the courts.

The NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection has also raised concerns about the potential impacts of the new rules. According to their report, the app companies may be forced to limit their supply of workers or eliminate tipping as a result of the regulations. The department anticipates that workers may face adverse impacts due to the companies’ actions to reduce platform access for low-revenue-generating workers or alter requirements in ways that may be undesirable for some.

Under the new law, app companies have multiple options for paying workers. They can choose to pay workers per trip, per hour worked, or devise their own payment formula, as long as the result ensures a minimum pay of $17.96 per hour on average (increasing to $19.96 by April 2025). For hourly workers, this amounts to approximately 30 cents per minute before tips in 2023, while workers who are only paid based on active trip minutes would receive approximately 50 cents per minute of trip time.

Uber, DoorDash, and Grubhub have strongly opposed the new regulations, arguing that they will be forced to shrink their service areas to compensate for the increased labor costs. According to the companies, this could have a negative impact on their customers and lead to a less reliable delivery service. Grubhub spokesperson Patrick Burke expressed disappointment with the judge’s decision, stating, “We’re disappointed with the judge’s decision to move forward with this version of the regulation and are evaluating our next legal steps.” DoorDash spokesperson Javier Lacayo also expressed concern, emphasizing that “The City’s insistence on forging ahead with such an extreme pay rate will reduce opportunity and increase costs for all New Yorkers.” Uber’s Josh Gold accused the city of lying to workers and the public.

The rejection of Uber, DoorDash, and Grubhub’s request to block the implementation of New York City’s new minimum wage rules is a significant victory for delivery workers. It marks an important step towards ensuring fair pay and improved working conditions for the city’s large immigrant workforce. While challenges remain, delivery worker advocates are buoyed by this landmark ruling, which sends a powerful message that workers’ rights must be upheld, even in the face of opposition from powerful corporations.


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