Nintendo recently announced the release of the third wave of Princess Peach: Showtime! icons for Switch Online users. These icons are available for purchase using Platinum Points, with each icon costing 10 points and backgrounds and frames priced at 5 points. The current wave will be available until 11th April, so users are encouraged to take advantage of this limited-time offer.

In addition to the new batch of icons, Nintendo has also rolled out multiple trailers and a demo for Princess Peach: Showtime! to build excitement for the game’s release. The latest batch of icons features eight variations of Princess Peach, showcasing her different transformations in the game such as Swordfighter Peach and Mermaid Peach. These icons are part of the ‘Missions and Rewards’ scheme for the Switch Online service, allowing users to customize their profiles with unique icons.

Following the current wave, Nintendo has planned three more waves of Princess Peach: Showtime! icons for release. Wave 2 is scheduled to start on 28th March and will run until 4th April. Wave 3 will extend until 11th April, and the final wave will be available until 18th April. Each wave will introduce new icons, backgrounds, and frames for users to collect and use on their profiles. It is important to note that Platinum Points are required to redeem these items.

To acquire the Princess Peach: Showtime! icons, backgrounds, and frames, users must have sufficient Platinum Points in their account. These points can be earned by completing various missions and activities on the Switch Online service. By participating in events and challenges, users can accumulate Platinum Points and use them to unlock exclusive rewards such as the Princess Peach icons. Nintendo regularly updates the available rewards to keep users engaged and excited about the platform.

Overall, Nintendo’s release of the Princess Peach: Showtime! icons for Switch Online users offers a fun and interactive way to engage with the platform. By introducing new waves of icons and rewards, Nintendo keeps users interested and encourages active participation in the service. The limited-time availability of these icons adds a sense of urgency for users to collect them before they are replaced with new offerings. Nintendo’s dedication to providing fresh and exciting content to its users contributes to the overall appeal of the Switch Online service.


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