The developers of No Rest For The Wicked have been hard at work since the game’s launch in Steam Early Access. While there were initial performance issues, Moon Studios have wasted no time in deploying their first hotfix. Although performance improvements are “coming soon”, this update focuses primarily on balancing and enhancing the game’s core systems.

One of the key aspects of the hotfix is the reduction in durability damage taken to gear. This will undoubtedly please players who were frustrated with the quick deterioration of their equipment. Additionally, repair costs have been reduced to make it more manageable for players to maintain their gear. The drop rate on Repair Powders has also been increased, providing players with more opportunities to repair their equipment on-the-go. Furthermore, stamina costs and fall damage have been reduced to make gameplay smoother and more enjoyable.

In addition to balancing changes, the hotfix also introduces more weapons into Fillmore’s Pre-Sacrament loot table. This will give players a wider variety of weapons to choose from and enhance their gameplay experience. On the downside, the drop rate of Fallen Embers has been reduced, which might disappoint some players who were relying on this item.

The hotfix also addresses stability issues by fixing a crash that could occur when quitting out to the main menu. In terms of bug fixes, improvements have been made to inventory navigation and a jump at the Potion Seller Cave has been fixed to ensure players don’t miss the jump when executed correctly. Additionally, an out-of-bounds area of Nameless Pass has been blocked off, and lingering dev tools have been removed.

Overall, the hotfix aims to address the most pressing issues that players have been experiencing since the game’s launch. Moon Studios seem to be listening to player feedback and taking steps to improve the overall gameplay experience. With remappable controls on the horizon and a promise of further performance improvements, it looks like the developers of No Rest For The Wicked are dedicated to providing a top-notch gaming experience for their players.


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