Outcast: A New Beginning is finally ready to launch its highly anticipated sequel to the beloved nineties sci-fi adventure game. It’s hard to believe that almost twenty-five years have passed since the release of its predecessor. For those who are new to the series or may have forgotten the events of the first Outcast, fear not. The developers assure us that newcomers can still dive right into the new installment. Outcast 2: A New Beginning was announced in 2021 as a direct continuation of the story, picking up where the 1999 open-world adventures of Cutter Slade on the alien planet of Adelpha left off.

A Name Change for a Fresh Start

In the years since its initial announcement, the upcoming game has undergone some changes. Originally known as Outcast 2: A New Beginning, it now goes by the simpler title of Outcast: A New Beginning. This decision was likely made to attract players who may not be familiar with the original Outcast or its 2017 remake, which was not particularly newcomer-friendly. This fresh start aims to introduce the beloved franchise to a wider audience.

Outcast: A New Beginning is being developed by some of the original team members, including its director and composer. They have described the game as a more self-aware and deliberately contemplative take on the open-world formula. Cutter Slade, the protagonist, will have the ability to connect with the world around him by caring for the alien habitat and assisting its indigenous inhabitants, known as Talans. Through these interactions, he will gradually learn to converse with them, earning their trust and unlocking new ways to combat the robotic colonizers. And let’s not forget the jetpack, which adds an extra layer of excitement and mobility to the gameplay.

A Refreshing Change in Length

One of the standout features of Outcast: A New Beginning is its relatively short campaign duration. Unlike most modern open-world games that can take dozens of hours to complete, this sequel promises a main story that can be finished in just around 35 hours. This streamlined experience allows players to fully immerse themselves in the narrative without dedicating an excessive amount of time.

Fans of the Outcast series won’t have to wait much longer to embark on this new adventure. Outcast: A New Beginning is set to release on March 15th of next year, as announced by series developers Appeal Studio. Alongside the release date announcement, a new combat trailer has been unveiled, showcasing Cutter Slade battling alien worms and robots with gusto. The trailer also gives a glimpse into the protagonist’s personality with exhilarating remarks like “I smell a nice upgrade coming up” and “Mmm, special item.”

Outcast: A New Beginning holds the promise of a fresh start for fans of the series and newcomers alike. With its self-aware approach to open-world gameplay, compelling characters, and shorter campaign duration, it aims to captivate and entertain players in a way that is both familiar and refreshing. Whether you’re a die-hard Outcast fan or a sci-fi game enthusiast looking for a new adventure, this long-awaited sequel is undoubtedly worth keeping an eye on. Mark your calendars for March 15th and get ready to embark on a thrilling journey on the alien planet of Adelpha. Outcast: A New Beginning is a new chapter in an esteemed franchise that is sure to bring joy and excitement to gamers everywhere.


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