Overwatch 2 Season 9: Champions is set to launch on February 13, and fans of the popular hero shooter can expect an array of exciting gameplay changes. In a press release, Blizzard detailed the significant updates coming to the game, including an overhaul of the competitive mode and adjustments to hero health pools and projectile sizes. These changes aim to enhance the gameplay experience and bring a fresh perspective to the beloved franchise.

One of the major gameplay changes in Season 9 of Overwatch 2 is the increase in health pools for all heroes. Each hero’s health will be boosted based on their current health, allowing for increased survivability and a more balanced playing field. This adjustment seeks to address concerns about the high rate of hero elimination and encourage longer and more strategic engagements between players.

Passive Healing and Survival

To further promote hero survivability, Blizzard has introduced a passive heal for all heroes. Damage and Tank heroes will now benefit from a passive heal of 20 HP per second after not taking damage for five seconds. Support heroes, on the other hand, will experience the healing effect after 2.5 seconds. This change aims to reward players who prioritize evasive maneuvers and positioning, creating a more dynamic and tactical gameplay experience.

Blizzard recognizes the need to balance the increased health pools effectively. To address this concern, changes have been made to the projectiles in the game. The size of all projectiles has been increased, making it slightly easier to land shots across all characters. This alteration aims to counteract the impact of larger health pools and ensure that characters remain susceptible to damage. However, some larger projectiles, such as Reinhardt’s Firestrike, will not receive this increase. Blizzard plans to assess the effects of these changes before implementing further adjustments for these specific heroes.

Season 9 of Overwatch 2 also brings a complete reset for the Competitive mode. Not only will players see a fresh start with a true rank reset, but the way changes are tracked has been modified as well. Instead of waiting for certain milestones to receive an update on their rank, players will now have a progress bar displaying their progress towards the next rank. This change aims to provide a more transparent and engaging competitive experience for players.

New Unlockable Weapon Skins

In addition to these significant gameplay changes, Season 9 introduces new weapon skins in the Competitive mode. These exclusive Jade skins can be unlocked using Competitive Points, offering players a fresh aesthetic for their favorite heroes. All previously earned Competitive Points will be converted into legacy points, which can still be used to unlock the gold guns already available in the game. To acquire the coveted Jade weapons, players will need to gather 2024 Competitive Points, which are earned by participating in matches, with additional points awarded for winning.

Overwatch 2 Season 9: Champions is poised to revolutionize the hero shooter genre with its array of exciting gameplay changes. From increased health pools to passive healing and revamped competitive mechanics, Blizzard aims to provide players with an enhanced and exhilarating gameplay experience. With the introduction of new weapon skins and a full reset of the competitive mode, players can dive into the game with renewed enthusiasm and experience the thrill of the cowboy Bebop crossover. Get ready to conquer the battlefield as Overwatch 2 Season 9: Champions arrives on February 13.


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