The recent news of Microsoft shuttering Hi-Fi Rush studio Tango and Prey’s Arkane Austin has sent shockwaves through the gaming industry. This closure is part of a widespread cost-cutting initiative that is still ongoing, raising concerns about the future of ZeniMax studios and other subsidiaries.

Microsoft’s decision to close down Tango and Arkane Austin is seen as a move to free up resources and streamline operations within the company. This cost-cutting measure is part of a larger initiative to ensure efficiency and profitability. The closure of these studios has led to the voluntary severance of producers, quality assurance testers, and other staff at ZeniMax, indicating a restructuring of the company’s workforce.

During a meeting with ZeniMax staff, Xbox president Matt Booty highlighted the challenges faced by the company, with studios being spread too thin and leaders feeling understaffed. This lack of resources and support has likely contributed to the recent closures of Tango, Arkane Austin, Mighty Dog, and Roundhouse. The head of ZeniMax, Jill Braff, expressed concerns about the company being on the verge of toppling over due to the strain of managing multiple studios worldwide.

The cost-cutting measures at Xbox come amid concerns about the growth of Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription service for games. Analysts have noted that Game Pass spending had its peak period between late 2019 and early 2021, but has since plateaued. This stagnation in growth has prompted Xbox to reevaluate their approach to game development and release strategies. With consumers still preferring traditional game purchasing models, Xbox may be less inclined to take risks on smaller, more creatively risky titles.

The closure of Tango and Arkane Austin raises questions about the future direction of Xbox and ZeniMax studios. With ZeniMax being acquired by Microsoft in 2020 for $7.5 billion, there were high hopes for the collaboration between the two companies. However, the recent cost-cutting measures and studio closures suggest a challenging road ahead for both companies. The industry’s largest acquisition, Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard for $76 billion, has also intensified the pressure on Xbox to deliver results.

Microsoft’s cost-cutting measures and the closure of ZeniMax studios signals a period of transition and uncertainty for both companies. The challenges faced by Xbox in boosting Game Pass growth and retaining consumer interest in subscription services are key issues that need to be addressed. The future of ZeniMax studios and their upcoming projects, such as Redfall and potential new immersive sims, remains uncertain amidst the current industry landscape. The gaming community will be watching closely to see how Microsoft and ZeniMax navigate these challenging times.


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