In a world where technology advancements continue to redefine how we interact with digital platforms, the Android YouTube Music app is rolling out a groundbreaking feature that combines elements of Shazam and a helpful friend who can identify songs based on your humming or singing. This innovative feature is set to revolutionize the way users discover music and enhance their overall listening experience.

Upon updating the Android YouTube Music app, users will notice a new waveform icon next to the microphone icon in the search bar. This icon signifies the new humming feature that allows users to hum, whistle, sing, or play a recording of a song to identify it. The app then listens to the user’s input and quickly provides accurate results, making it a suitable alternative to traditional song recognition apps like Shazam.

During testing, the humming feature demonstrated impressive speed and accuracy in identifying recorded songs. Users reported successful identification of songs through humming, whistling, and singing. While the feature may not be flawless and may miss some obscure songs, it generally performs well in swiftly recognizing popular tracks and tunes.

Comparison with Google Assistant

Compared to the humming feature on Google Assistant, the functionality on Android YouTube Music appears to work faster and more efficiently. This improvement showcases the app’s commitment to providing users with a seamless and user-friendly music search experience. The integration of this feature sets the app apart and enhances its overall utility.


The humming feature has been gradually rolling out on YouTube Music for Android users and has also been spotted in the iOS version of the app. While the feature is not yet widely available on all platforms, its introduction signifies a significant step forward in music search capabilities. As more users gain access to this feature, the app is likely to see increased engagement and usage.

The humming feature on Android YouTube Music represents a significant advancement in music search technology. By leveraging the power of audio recognition algorithms, the app provides users with a unique and intuitive way to discover songs. As the feature continues to evolve and improve, it is poised to become a staple tool for music enthusiasts and casual listeners alike. Embrace the future of music search with Android YouTube Music’s innovative humming feature.


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