In the world of Baldur’s Gate 3, the aim of Shadowheart, one of the recruitable characters in the game, has been a subject of discussion among the community. Many players have noticed that her Firebolts often miss their target, leading to frustration and questioning her effectiveness in combat. As a support-based cleric, it is expected that her aim may not be as precise as a dedicated battle mage, but the extent of her inability to hit her mark seems disproportionate to her role. To understand the reason behind this issue, one player has uncovered an intriguing detail hidden within the confines of the D&D rulebook.

The Role of Ancestry in Spells

When creating a character in Baldur’s Gate 3, players have the option to choose different races and ancestries for their characters. Depending on these choices, certain spells and abilities are granted to the character from the start. In the case of Shadowheart, her Elven ancestry plays a crucial role in her access to the Firebolt spell. As a Half-Elf, she benefits from her High-Elf heritage, allowing her to acquire a racial Cantrip chosen by Larian Studios. This Cantrip happens to be Firebolt, a spell known for its moderate damage and incendiary capabilities.

The Link Between Ability Scores and Spellcasting

In the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) rulebook, spellcasters are typically associated with specific ability scores that enhance their magical abilities. For instance, Wizards rely on their Intelligence, Warlocks and Sorcerers utilize Charisma, and Druids and Clerics draw power from Wisdom. However, a Reddit post sheds light on an interesting aspect when it comes to the racial Cantrip Firebolt. When a character learns Firebolt as a racial Cantrip, they are bound to use their Intelligence skill as the determining factor for their spell’s effectiveness.

The Impact of Intelligence on Firebolt

The revelation regarding Shadowheart’s aim lies in the intelligence attribute tied to her Firebolt spell. Her Intelligence score is a meager 10, indicating an average level of cognitive ability. With an Intelligence score of 10, there is no bonus applied to her attack roll, and she is solely reliant on her proficiency modifier, which is only +2 during the early stages of the game. As a result, her chances of successfully hitting an enemy are limited. Against an enemy with an armor class of 10, she has a 55% chance of hitting. However, if the enemy possesses an armor class higher than 10, her chances of hitting decrease even further.

While the focus has been primarily on Shadowheart’s Firebolt accuracy, players have noticed that her struggles extend beyond this particular spell. Missed swings with her mace, as well as other spells like Guiding Bolt and Sacred Flame, have also contributed to player frustration. Although the previous analysis explains the shortcomings of her Firebolt specifically, it does not provide a complete understanding of why her overall accuracy is consistently low. The root cause of her general inaccuracy remains a mystery, and players are left wondering why even non-dexterity-based spells fail to hit their mark.

The repercussions of Shadowheart’s flawed aim are significant for players who rely on her spellcasting abilities in combat. Each missed Firebolt or swing of her mace reduces her overall efficacy, leading to prolonged battles and potential risks for the player-controlled party. Furthermore, her reliance on Healing Word, a spell primarily used for healing, restricts the diversity of her spellcasting and limits her overall contribution to the team.

The issue of Shadowheart’s aim in Baldur’s Gate 3 stems from her Elven ancestry and the lack of synergy between her racial Cantrip, Firebolt, and her intelligence attribute. With a relatively low intelligence score, her chances of hitting enemies with Firebolt are significantly diminished. The implications of this flaw extend beyond Firebolt, impacting her overall accuracy with other spells and weapon attacks. As players navigate through the game, they must consider these limitations and strategize accordingly to maximize Shadowheart’s potential contribution to the party’s success.


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