In a unfortunate turn of events, the highly acclaimed Slay The Spire mod, Downfall, experienced a “security breach” on Christmas day, leaving users vulnerable to a malware attack. The developers of the mod confirmed that hackers were able to distribute malware through Steam, posing a significant threat to the gaming community.

The primary goal of the malware was to steal users’ passwords, particularly from internet browsers, as well as messaging services like Telegram and Discord. Upon launching Downfall during the hijack, affected users would have encountered a suspicious “Unity library installer popup.” This intrusive technique allowed the hackers to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information, putting users at risk.

Thankfully, the developers swiftly responded to the security breach and managed to reverse the hack by approximately 1:40pm ET (6:40pm GMT) on December 25th. They reassured users that most antivirus software prevented the malware from executing fully, although it was unable to halt its payload from being transmitted over the internet. This means that the attack did not automatically cause damage, and further protective measures can be taken.

Users who were affected by the malware have reported the appearance of unknown files in various locations on their hard drives. To address this issue, the developers advise users to only investigate suspicious files while offline, disconnected from the internet. By taking this precautionary step, users can significantly reduce the risk of further compromise to their personal information.

For users who encountered the Unity popup, it is crucial to change any important passwords immediately. This is especially important for accounts that do not have two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled. By updating passwords and implementing stronger security measures, users can minimize the chances of unauthorized access and potential data breaches.

Downfall is a well-known Slay The Spire mod, cherished by the gaming community for its exciting features, such as new playable characters and a fresh game mode. Despite the setback faced by the security breach, the developers remain committed to providing outstanding experiences to their fans. In fact, they have already embarked on the development of a new project called Tales & Tactics, a standalone auto-battling Chess roguelike.

The recent security breach targeting the Slay The Spire mod, Downfall, has raised concerns among gamers as their personal information was at risk. It is essential for users to be vigilant and follow the developers’ recommendations for mitigating the impact of the malware attack. By staying informed and taking necessary precautions, gamers can continue to enjoy their favorite mods and gaming experiences in a secure environment.


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