Sega is gearing up to release the highly anticipated Sonic Superstars on the Switch next month. As the launch date draws near, Sega has thrilled fans by sharing new details about the game’s multiplayer ‘Battle Mode’ feature. This mode offers an exhilarating experience that pits players against each other in intense challenges. Whether you prefer online battles or local showdowns, Sonic Superstars has something for everyone.

In this exciting multiplayer mode, Sonic Superstars allows up to eight players to join the action online or gather with friends locally. Players will have the opportunity to take control of a customized Metal Fighter and experience pulse-pounding battles.

The ‘Battle Mode’ features a diverse range of challenges, ensuring that every match is unique and thrilling. Facing off against opponents, players must strive to win three rounds on randomly selected battle stages and modes. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you in Sonic Superstars’ ‘Battle Mode’:

One of the thrilling challenges in the ‘Battle Mode’ is the Race. Compete against other players, using your Metal Fighter’s abilities to reach the goal before your rivals. Speed, strategy, and quick reflexes will be necessary to secure victory in this heart-pounding race.

Zap Scrap adds an extra layer of excitement to the ‘Battle Mode’. Take aim and shoot bullets to attack other players. Accumulate points by inflicting damage on opponents, but beware, as your points will decrease when you take damage. Keep an eye out for item boxes on the track, as they contain power-ups that give you an extra edge in your quest for victory.

Prepare to embark on a star-collecting frenzy in the Star Snatcher mode. Within a limited time, you must collect as many stars as possible. Every time you take damage, one of your hard-earned stars will disappear. With time running out and opponents on your heels, will you be able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat?

Survival is a test of endurance and skill. Stay on the stage until the bitter end while avoiding cannonballs that relentlessly fly from the back of the screen. Be cautious, as the falling cannonballs can also cause scaffolding to collapse. If you remain in one place for too long or fall off the screen, you will be eliminated from the game. Only the strongest will survive this exhilarating challenge.

In the online mode, Sonic Superstars rewards players with medals that can be used to unlock and purchase custom parts for your Metal Fighter. As you progress in the game, the variety of available parts will increase, allowing you to create a truly unique machine of destruction. The best part is that changing parts will not affect your character’s abilities, ensuring a fair and balanced competition.

Not only does Sonic Superstars offer thrilling battles against friends, but it also provides the option to play against AI opponents in local mode. Challenge up to three friends in split-screen action, or go head-to-head against computer-controlled fighters. While this mode does not feature medals or rank challenges, it promises hours of fun and competition.

Sonic Superstars’ multiplayer ‘Battle Mode’ is set to deliver an adrenaline-pumping experience. With a variety of challenging stages and modes, players will be on the edge of their seats as they strive for victory. Whether you prefer online multiplayer battles or local showdowns, Sonic Superstars promises a thrilling and competitive experience for all fans. Get ready to unleash the fury of your Metal Fighter and prove your skills in this action-packed game!


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