The much-anticipated launch of Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection turned out to be a complete disaster for thousands of eager players. With only three 64-player servers available to accommodate nearly 10,000 players, the situation was far from ideal. Many players who managed to access the game reported frequent crashes, issues with player spawning, and difficulties in joining teams. As a result, the game received mostly negative reviews on Steam, with players expressing their frustration through complaints about server availability, high ping, game stuttering, glitches, and lack of playability.

In response to the overwhelming backlash, Aspyr released an official statement acknowledging the problems with the game and promising to work on fixes. The team expressed gratitude for the support and feedback from the Battlefront community and attributed the launch issues to critical errors in their network infrastructure. They assured players that they were actively working to address these issues, increase network stability, and prevent further outages. Aspyr encouraged players to report bugs and unexpected behavior to their support team in the hopes of restoring stability and gaining back the support of fans.

Recent updates from Steam suggest that some early fixes are starting to show positive results, with new servers appearing for each game in the collection. However, issues such as bugs and crashes have not been fully resolved yet, but efforts are underway to address them in the coming weeks. Players eager to dive back into the Battlefront Classic Collection should stay tuned for further updates as the situation gradually improves from the rocky launch.

The launch of Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection was a major disappointment for players due to a lack of servers, persistent technical issues, and overall gameplay instability. Despite the initial setbacks, Aspyr has taken steps to rectify the situation by addressing network problems and working on solutions. While it may take some time for the game to regain stability and earn back the trust of fans, the ongoing efforts to improve the gaming experience show promise for a better future for the Battlefront community.


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