In an end of year wrap-up, Bethesda has revealed their plans for Starfield, promising a continuous stream of updates and improvements for the upcoming space exploration game. According to the announcement, if all goes as planned, Starfield will receive updates “roughly every six weeks starting in February”. This commitment demonstrates Bethesda’s dedication to ensuring that players have a constantly evolving and engaging experience with the game.

An Array of Exciting Updates

The upcoming updates for Starfield promise to be comprehensive, encompassing various aspects of gameplay. Bethesda plans to introduce quality-of-life improvements, adding more content and features to enhance the overall gaming experience. One of the most anticipated additions mentioned in the announcement is the inclusion of city maps, providing players with new locations to explore and conquer. These maps will undoubtedly bring fresh challenges, enriching the game world.

Additionally, mod support is set to be incorporated into Starfield, granting players the ability to add their own unique creations to the game. With the release of the Creation Kit, aspiring modders will have the opportunity to unleash their creativity and contribute to the Starfield community. This move echoes Bethesda’s previous success with the Creation Club in Skyrim, merging paid mods and the mod menu to create a robust platform for modders and players alike.

Starfield’s updates will also introduce expanded ship customization options. Players will have the opportunity to adorn their ships with captivating decorations, making each vessel a reflection of their own personal style. Furthermore, the addition of new ship building possibilities will allow players to further tailor their spacecraft, ensuring that no two ships are alike. These customization features are sure to enhance the immersive nature of the game, allowing players to truly make the experience their own.

Gameplay Options Galore

Bethesda aims to provide players with unparalleled control over their gameplay experience in Starfield. The upcoming updates will introduce a wealth of gameplay options, allowing players to customize various aspects of the game to suit their preferences. From adjusting carry capacity to modifying ship damage, players will have the freedom to fine-tune their journey through the cosmos. The inclusion of new survival mechanics also suggests that the challenges faced in Starfield will be both rewarding and diverse.

As Starfield’s release draws closer, Bethesda’s commitment to the game’s longevity and continued improvement is commendable. The planned updates, mod support, and expanded customization options reveal a company dedicated to providing players with an evolving and immersive space exploration experience. With the promise of regular updates and enhancements, Starfield is shaping up to be a game that will captivate and engage players for years to come.


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