Fans of Summer Game Fest Live were disappointed to hear that there will be no last-minute surprises at the end of this year’s event. Host Geoff Keighley broke the news during a recent stream, explaining that the show does not typically include bonus announcements. This departure from the tradition of ending game showcase events with a bang comes as a surprise to many viewers.

Despite the absence of a final surprise, Keighley assured viewers that the organizers put a lot of thought into the order of reveals and trailers. He emphasized the careful planning that went into arranging the lineup of games from the first to the last. While fans may have hoped for a dramatic reveal, such as Gabe Newell announcing Half-Life 3, Keighley dashed those expectations by confirming that such an event is not in the cards for this year’s show.

Summer Game Fest 2024 is set to take place on Friday, June 7 at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET. This year’s event will fill the void left by the cancellation of E3, the renowned video game trade show. While specifics about the event are still scarce, one exciting announcement is the full reveal of Batman: Arkham Shadow, a VR game. The physical event in Hollywood Park, Los Angeles, will also continue as planned, with tickets still available for purchase.

As fans prepare for the upcoming Summer Game Fest Live, it is clear that this year’s event will be different from previous years. While the absence of a last-minute surprise may disappoint some viewers, there is still much anticipation for the lineup of games and trailers set to be revealed. With the exciting announcement of Batman: Arkham Shadow, it is evident that there will be plenty of entertainment for attendees to look forward to. Despite the unexpected change in format, the show promises to be a memorable experience for all who tune in.


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