Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty is not typically known for being a horror game, but there is one mission that is frightening players beyond their expectations. Titled “Somewhat Damaged,” this mission temporarily transforms the entire Cyberpunk 2077 experience into a heart-pounding survival horror game reminiscent of Alien Isolation. The task at hand is daunting: navigate through an abandoned base while evading a terrifying spider robot without any means to fight back. The genius of this mission lies in the fact that CD Projekt Red has not marketed it or given players any warning, leaving them completely unprepared for the horrors that await.

The unexpected horror of “Somewhat Damaged” has taken many players by surprise, sparking discussions and reactions across various platforms. In the Cyberpunk subreddit, a thread titled “Didn’t realise I downloaded a f***ing horror game” gained nearly 500 upvotes at the time of writing. It is clear that this mission has caught players off guard, immersing them in a terrifying experience they were not prepared for.

Redditor ReelRai humorously commented, “CDPR straight up said: We’ll make Alien Isolation 2 ourselves.” The intensity of the mission had many players on the edge of their seats, with clenched buttcheeks and heightened paranoia. Fanboycity expressed their astonishment, stating, “Yeah, the Killing Moon might be my favorite route and mission but HOLY S**T did this not miss either! I was shook, on the edge of my seat, and paranoid as hell. Only Alien Isolation made me this afraid, so great job Cyberpunk.”

The absence of weapons and the inability to fight back against the menacing spider robot further intensify the horror of “Somewhat Damaged.” Many players found themselves realizing the vulnerability and fear that comes from being defenseless. Hydrus-606 shared their experience, confessing, “Chase me with zombies, monsters, aliens, hell even a lawn mower. No biggie. You start chasing me with a killing machine though? Straight up goosebumps and I’m full on crying in the fetal position. And I did. And I LOVED it!” The mission evoked memories of the classic horror film “Death Machine” for Hydrus-606, who clearly appreciates the thrilling nature of the experience.

The terror of “Somewhat Damaged” has left a lasting impression on players. HOTFIX_bryan expressed their anxiety, stating, “Lmao, so stressful. I’m about to do a new playthrough of the EP and am already dreading this since I’ll probably have a heart attack this time.” The fear induced by this mission is so powerful that players are both excited and nervous about experiencing it again.

Despite the positive reception for Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty as a whole, it is undeniable that “Somewhat Damaged” has become a standout moment for players. The mention of Alien Isolation in numerous discussions of this mission speaks volumes about the level of terror it instills. The unexpected immersion into survival horror has captivated players, making it a must-play experience within the expansive world of Cyberpunk 2077.

“Somewhat Damaged” delivers a spine-chilling twist to Cyberpunk 2077 that catches players off guard. The absence of marketing and warnings only amplifies the horror of this mission, leading to intense reactions and discussions among players. Whether it is a pleasant surprise or a nightmare, there is no denying the impact of this survival horror experience within the world of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.


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