As the sun sets on the Wii U and 3DS consoles, the online features that have brought joy to gamers for years will soon come to an end. Among the casualties of this shutdown is Super Mario Maker, a beloved title that will lose its community-built levels and the opportunity for 100% completion. However, a dedicated group known as Team 0% has risen to the challenge, determined to conquer the last remaining unbeaten level before it’s too late.

The final obstacle standing in Team 0%’s way is a level titled ‘Trimming the Herbs’. Despite its seemingly innocuous appearance, this level is a formidable test of skill and precision. With 18 consecutive frame-perfect jumps, players must navigate through a treacherous maze of spikes, Piranha Plants, and Boos while strategically handling bombs. The level’s complexity is so intense that even seasoned players find it challenging.

With only 21 days left before the online servers shut down, Team 0% faces a race against time to conquer ‘Trimming the Herbs’. The pressure is on as they strive to achieve the impossible and secure their place in Super Mario Maker history. The fate of the final unbeaten level hangs in the balance, with every move and decision carrying weight.

The stakes are high as Team 0% vies to complete the last remaining level before the deadline. Will they emerge victorious against all odds, or will ‘Trimming the Herbs’ stand as an unbeatable challenge? The community is watching with bated breath, hoping for a triumphant conclusion to this epic saga.

In the world of Super Mario Maker, where creativity and tenacity reign supreme, Team 0% embodies the spirit of determination and camaraderie. Their quest to overcome ‘Trimming the Herbs’ is a testament to the enduring appeal of the game and the unwavering dedication of its players. As the clock ticks down, the world waits to see if they will achieve the ultimate victory.


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