James Cameron, the acclaimed director responsible for some of the most popular movies in cinematic history, has a new treat in store for fans. Following the release of Titanic in 4K, three more of Cameron’s films – Aliens, True Lies, and The Abyss – are set to receive the same treatment. With a combined worldwide gross of $8 billion, these films have captivated audiences around the globe. In this article, we will delve into the preorder details for these highly anticipated releases, along with the exciting special features that await fans.

Walmart is currently offering preorders for Aliens at an enticing price of just $25. This three-disc set marks the film’s first availability in the 4K format, and it also includes Blu-ray and digital versions. As an added bonus, the set is packed with captivating special features, such as behind-the-scenes footage, post-production stills, and insightful audio commentary from James Cameron himself. The film is also available for preorder on Amazon, although it is currently priced at $40. However, history has shown that Amazon tends to match Walmart’s prices for Blu-ray releases, ensuring fans that they will not only receive a visually stunning film but also a great deal.

On March 12, The Abyss will be making its debut in 4K. Similar to the other two films, this three-disc set includes Blu-ray and digital versions. Walmart is currently offering a discounted preorder price for this highly anticipated release. The bundle boasts both the theatrical version of the film and a special extended edition. Moreover, it includes a fascinating conversation with James Cameron, providing audiences with a unique glimpse into the mind of the visionary filmmaker. While the preorder discount is currently exclusive to Walmart, Amazon is expected to align its prices with Walmart’s before the release date, offering customers another chance to secure this cinematic gem.

Also scheduled for release on March 12 is True Lies, a film that stands out from the other two releases as it does not receive a price cut during the preorder phase. Alongside the 4K version of the film, customers will receive a standard Blu-ray and a code for digital copies, allowing them to enjoy the movie across multiple platforms. The bonus features included in this release offer an immersive look behind the scenes, a deep dive into the script, and a treasure trove of artwork and marketing materials, providing fans with an immersive experience.

With the upcoming 4K releases of Aliens, True Lies, and The Abyss, James Cameron continues to showcase his filmmaking brilliance. Fans are eagerly anticipating the highly detailed visual and aural experiences that these films are renowned for. By preordering these releases, fans can both secure their copies before any potential price increase and gain access to a wealth of special features that offer a unique glimpse into the creation of these cinematic masterpieces. Whether it is the action-packed Aliens, the deep and mysterious journey of The Abyss, or the thrilling espionage of True Lies, these 4K releases are a must-have for any fan of James Cameron and his extraordinary films.


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