Indonesian developer Mokijen Studio, known for their narrative adventure game A Space for the Unbound, has recently been acquired by publisher Toge Productions. This exciting news was announced by Toge Productions on Twitter, expressing their enthusiasm to continue creating games that will captivate the world. The acquisition solidifies the strong bond built upon trust, shared values, and dynamic teamwork between the two entities.

A Space for the Unbound, released earlier this year, became a critical success, garnering praise for its commitment to cultural identity and exploration of complex, universal themes. Samantha Low, writing for GamesHub, described the game as a masterpiece that delves into a wide range of subjects, from cultural expectations to mental health. Its heartfelt storytelling and authenticity have resonated with players and critics alike.

The impact of A Space for the Unbound is further highlighted by its nomination at The Game Awards 2023 in the Games for Impact category. This recognition solidifies the game’s ability to touch people’s lives and generate meaningful conversations. The nomination serves as a testament to the dedication and creative vision of Mokijen Studio.

Prior to the game’s release, Mokijen Studio and Toge Productions faced a significant hurdle. They accused PQube Games, a UK-based publisher they had partnered with, of misappropriating funds from a diversity grant intended to support underrepresented developers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The grant was meant to alleviate the financial burdens faced by developers, but PQube withheld the console publishing rights for A Space for the Unbound. Fortunately, after months of negotiation, Chorus Worldwide stepped in to resolve the matter and took on the global publishing duties for the game.

A Space for the Unbound is currently available on various platforms, including PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Xbox. Its multi-platform release has allowed a wider audience to experience the game’s emotional journey and connect with its themes. As Mokijen Studio and Toge Productions move forward together, we can expect more captivating games that uphold cultural identity and explore deep, thought-provoking topics.

The acquisition of Mokijen Studio by Toge Productions marks an exciting chapter in the world of indie game development. A Space for the Unbound has not only achieved critical success but also touched the lives of players through its heartfelt storytelling. As we eagerly await their future projects, it is evident that Mokijen Studio and Toge Productions share a commitment to creating impactful games that resonate with a global audience.


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