A few years back, Aladdin X, a Japanese company, introduced a digital projector that included a delightful little game called Suika Game. Despite its popularity among projector buyers, the game failed to generate much attention when it was released on the Nintendo Switch. However, fate had a different plan in store for it. Two years later, after a few streamers in Japan showcased the game, it unexpectedly went viral. Now, Suika Game has quietly made its way to the eShop outside of Japan, and although it may be simple, the game undeniably possesses a certain charm.

Suika Game can best be described as a fusion of the popular game 2048 and the physics of dropping fruit. The objective is to drop fruits onto a board and match them to create larger fruits, gaining additional points in the process. However, the challenge lies in the fact that the fruits don’t stack neatly on each other. Instead, each new fruit dropped tends to roll around, often pushing other fruits out of the way and obstructing access to those beneath. As a result, the board eventually fills up, and you have to start over. Despite its simplicity, the gameplay is oddly addictive.

Suika Game perfectly embodies the saying “you get what you pay for.” Priced at just three dollars, it offers straightforward, score-based puzzle gameplay that is perfect for short bursts of entertainment. However, it lacks additional modes, unlockables, or extra levels. Furthermore, the game features only one repetitive music track. Although it offers high replay value and can keep players engaged for a decent amount of time, it is undeniably simplistic and lacks the depth of other puzzle games on the Switch. Players seeking a more substantial experience may find games like “Baba Is You” or the various Picross titles more satisfying.

Suika Game embraces a cute art style characterized by vibrant colors and cheerful faces on the fruits. While the visuals may not leave a lasting impression, they contribute to the overall pleasantness of the gameplay experience. The repetitive music track, though it may become a little grating over extended play sessions, successfully creates a cozy and warm atmosphere that aligns with the developers’ intentions.

Despite its simplicity, Suika Game is a competent and addictive little puzzler that excels at executing a straightforward concept. While it may lack depth and variety compared to other puzzle games, its affordable price and replayability make it a worthwhile addition to any Switch library. If you find yourself in need of a quick time-waster, Suika Game is definitely worth considering.

Suika Game might not be the most complex or feature-filled puzzle game on the market, but it undeniably possesses an addictive charm. Its fusion of physics-based fruit dropping and matching gameplay creates a satisfying experience that is perfect for short bursts of entertainment. With its cute art style and cozy music track, Suika Game manages to create a delightful atmosphere despite its simplicity. For the price of a pack of gum, this little gem offers hours of addictive gameplay, making it a worthy investment for any puzzle game enthusiast.


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