Just when you thought you had seen it all in Helldivers 2, the players managed to transform a planet into a black hole. The Terminid supercolony of Meridia was filled with an experimental “Dark Fluid”, causing it to implode and become a radiant, wailing, purple-fringed disc of pure nothingness. The consequences of this extreme act are still unknown, but one thing is for sure – it will not be a walk in the park.

The destruction of Meridia has had a significant impact on the galaxy. Super-Earth broadcasts have reported a sharp decrease in interstellar spore levels in every system, indicating that the black hole is drawing in every Terminid spore within several billion kilometers. While this may sound like a positive outcome, the reality is that we may now have to face the sudden arrival of highly advanced cthulhoid aliens. The balance has shifted, and we are left to deal with the consequences.

With the Illuminate faction expected to make a comeback in Helldivers 2, the emergence of a black hole adds an intriguing twist to the game. The Galactic Map shows a gap that is likely to be filled by these elusive aliens, and it is unlikely that the developers would leave a visitable black hole as a mere decoration. It is only a matter of time before something emerges from the void, and it is unlikely to be anything related to your past gaming exploits.

The Unpredictable Future

As we await the unfolding of events in Helldivers 2, one thing is certain – the game has taken a drastic turn with the creation of a black hole. The repercussions of this act are yet to be fully realized, but it is clear that the galaxy will never be the same again. Players will need to prepare for the unexpected and embrace the chaos that comes with facing the unknown. The journey ahead promises to be thrilling, dangerous, and full of surprises.

The aftermath of Helldivers 2’s black hole event has set the stage for a new chapter in the game’s universe. The players have proven themselves to be fearless adventurers, willing to take risks and face the consequences of their actions. As we look to the future, it is clear that the galaxy is a more unpredictable and exciting place, thanks to the events that have unfolded. The only question that remains is – are you ready for what comes next?


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