Nvidia and AMD are both gearing up to launch gaming laptops that will include Microsoft’s newly announced Copilot Plus features. Nvidia recently teased the upcoming release of “RTX AI PC” laptops from Asus and MSI that will feature up to GeForce RTX 4070 GPUs and power-efficient systems-on-a-chip with Windows 11 AI PC capabilities. These laptops will also come equipped with AMD’s latest Strix CPUs.

While Nvidia has confirmed that the AMD-powered Copilot Plus PCs will receive a free update to the AI experiences at launch, it remains unclear if Microsoft’s AI features will be available on AMD chips right away. There could be a period of exclusivity for the Windows on Arm Qualcomm-powered hardware before it extends to AMD processors. It will be interesting to see how AMD’s involvement will shape the future of AI-powered gaming laptops.

Nvidia is making a strong push to remain relevant in the AI-powered laptop market by emphasizing the capabilities of its GPUs over NPUs. The company is branding its laptops as “RTX AI laptops” and is launching an RTX AI Toolkit in June to provide developers with tools and SDKs for model customization, optimization, and deployment. Nvidia’s collaboration with Microsoft on AI models for Windows 11 is a significant factor in its strategy to compete in this space.

NPUs are currently at the ~40 TOPS performance mark, while Nvidia’s PC GPUs can handle more than 1,000 TOPS for AI acceleration. This significant performance gap presents developers with a choice between power efficiency in laptops with NPUs and higher performance in PC desktops with GPUs. Nvidia’s focus on optimizing AI models to run efficiently on its GPUs showcases its commitment to providing a high-performance AI experience on gaming laptops.

The competition between Nvidia and AMD in the AI-powered gaming laptop market is heating up. With both companies making significant strides in incorporating AI features into their products, consumers can expect a new level of performance and efficiency in gaming laptops. It will be exciting to see how Nvidia’s RTX AI laptops and AMD’s Copilot Plus PCs stack up against each other in the coming months. The future of AI-powered gaming laptops looks promising with these advancements in technology from industry leaders like Nvidia and AMD.


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