The cancellation of the “Agent Trevor” DLC for GTA 5, which would have seen protagonist Trevor going undercover with the FBI, has left fans wondering about what could have been. This DLC was one of three major story expansions that were planned for the game but ultimately cancelled by 2017. The other two expansions, Zombie Apocalypse and Alien Invasion, were also discovered in the game files by dataminers after a major Rockstar hack.

Despite not much information being known about the latter two expansions, it seems that Agent Trevor had made some progress in development before it was ultimately shelved. Voice actor Steven Ogg, who plays Trevor in the game, confirmed that he had recorded some lines for the DLC and was briefed on the story. The concept involved Trevor working undercover for the feds, in a “James Bond Trevor” scenario where he tries to act like a secret agent despite still being his usual self.

While the DLC content was officially announced as cancelled in 2017, it is likely that the decision to cease work on these expansions was made much earlier. It remains unclear how far into development Agent Trevor was before it was scrapped, and when Ogg was recording lines for the character. Some elements of the planned DLC were later integrated into GTA Online heists, suggesting that Rockstar repurposed some ideas from the cancelled expansion.

With the cancellation of the “Agent Trevor” DLC now firmly in the past, it is unlikely that we will ever see this content or any remnants of it in the future. The potential for new avenues of gameplay and storytelling in GTA 5 with a character like Trevor going undercover with the FBI was undoubtedly intriguing. It’s a shame that this content was never fully realized and released to fans who were eagerly anticipating new story expansions for the game.

The cancelled “Agent Trevor” DLC for GTA 5 represents a missed opportunity for Rockstar Games to further expand on the world and characters of the game. Despite the partial development and involvement of voice actor Steven Ogg, the DLC was ultimately shelved and fans will never get to experience the full story of Trevor going undercover. It serves as a reminder that even in the world of gaming, not all ideas come to fruition, and some concepts are left on the cutting room floor.


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