Supermassive Games, known for their cinematic horror games, is venturing into a new realm with the spin-off multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight, titled The Casting of Frank Stone. The trailers released in recent weeks have provided a glimpse into the lore of the game, showcasing a dark and haunted town known as Cedar Hills. These trailers have hinted at the presence of various horrors lurking in the shadows, setting the stage for a chilling adventure.

The game follows a group of young friends who venture into Cedar Hills and uncover the grim legacy of Frank Stone, a mysterious figure with a blood-soaked past. His crimes have left scars across generations, shaping the very fabric of reality. The friends must navigate through a series of horrifying events, making choices that will not only reshape their reality but also lead to irreversible consequences, similar to the gameplay mechanics of Until Dawn and The Quarry.

For fans of Dead by Daylight, The Casting of Frank Stone promises to delve deeper into the darkness and magic of the multiplayer survival game, introducing new layers of lore. While details about the game have been kept relatively under wraps in recent months, speculation suggests that fresh news may be on the horizon, potentially announced during the upcoming Summer Game Fest. As players eagerly await updates, the mysteries surrounding Cedar Hills and its haunted nature continue to unfold through news reports and teasers.

This unique blend of storytelling and gameplay mechanics sets The Casting of Frank Stone apart as a promising addition to Supermassive Games’ portfolio. With its focus on choice-driven narratives, immersive world-building, and spine-chilling horrors, the game is poised to deliver an unforgettable multiplayer horror experience. As players prepare to step into Cedar Hills and confront the legacy of Frank Stone, they can expect to be thrust into a world where every decision carries weight and every shadow conceals a new terror.

The Casting of Frank Stone represents a bold new direction for Supermassive Games, expanding their expertise in creating captivating horror experiences. With its intriguing premise, rich lore, and immersive gameplay, the game is sure to captivate both fans of the genre and newcomers alike. Stay tuned for more updates on this chilling adventure as the release date draws nearer.


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