With the highly anticipated release of Shadow of The Erdtree approaching in under 10 days, many players are eager to jump into the DLC content. However, a recent discovery on Steam has revealed that a large percentage of players have not progressed far enough in the original game to access the DLC. This poses a challenge for those who are looking forward to exploring the new expansion.

Unlike other DLCs in FromSoftware’s repertoire, Shadow of The Erdtree takes a more unique approach to accessing the new content. Instead of simply selecting the DLC from the menu, players are required to defeat two challenging bosses in order to unlock the expansion. Starscourge Radahn and Mohg, Lord of Blood, stand as formidable foes that guard the entrance to the new area.

While Starscourge Radahn may be a more straightforward encounter, Mohg poses a greater challenge due to his hidden location. Players must navigate through the Mohgwyn Palace, which can only be accessed by using a teleporter in the secret Consecrated Snowfield region. This requires collecting two halves of a secret medallion spread across the Lands Between and defeating an NPC invader to activate the teleporter. Only then can players face the daunting task of confronting Mohg himself.

According to Steam achievement stats, nearly two-thirds of Elden Ring players have not defeated Mohg, indicating the difficulty of accessing the DLC content. With only 38% of players having the achievement for besting the boss, over 62% are unable to progress to the new expansion. Bandai Namco has issued a friendly PSA emphasizing the importance of defeating Mohg in time for the DLC release.

As the release date for Shadow of The Erdtree draws near, players who have not yet defeated Mohg are urged to do so in order to access the new area. The entrance to the DLC content will be located behind the arena where Mohg is fought, adding an additional layer of challenge for those who are unprepared. It is crucial for players to best Mohg in order to experience the full extent of the expansion.

The journey to accessing Shadow of The Erdtree in Elden Ring is paved with challenges and obstacles that require players to overcome difficult bosses and hidden paths. The need to defeat Mohg in order to unlock the new area highlights the complexity and depth of the game’s design. As players prepare for the release of the DLC, it is essential to rise to the challenge and conquer the obstacles that stand in the way. Good luck to all those brave enough to undertake this adventure!


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