The recent response from the CEO of Arrowhead Game Studios sheds light on the challenges of introducing a story mode to Helldivers 2. Shams Jorjani made it clear that the addition of a story mode would be akin to building an entirely new game. This suggests that the resources and effort required for such an undertaking would be substantial.

Jorjani’s explanation delves into the complexities involved in integrating a story mode into the existing online-only structure of Helldivers 2. It’s not just about creating a few single-player missions with objectives; it’s about developing new mission types, NPCs, voice lines, animations, and AI. Moreover, there is the question of how the single-player mode would tie into the online gameplay, offering rewards like XP and in-game currency for completing missions.

The CEO’s comments also allude to the strain that implementing a story mode would place on the studio. In addition to the existing workload of balancing weapons, animations, and UI elements, adding a single-player campaign would necessitate extensive playtesting. Given that Arrowhead has recently released a major patch with numerous changes, it’s evident that the studio is already stretched thin in terms of development resources.

While players may desire a story mode filled with epic moments and tragic scenes, it’s essential to manage expectations. Arrowhead Game Studios has prioritized enhancing the core gameplay experience of Helldivers 2, as evidenced by the substantial changes introduced in the latest patch. Asking for additional features like a story mode may be unrealistic given the current focus on refining and expanding the existing online component.

The decision not to include a story mode in Helldivers 2 is rooted in practical considerations rather than a lack of interest or creativity on the part of the developers. By understanding the development limitations, complexity of implementation, resource allocation, and community expectations, players can appreciate the challenges involved in expanding the game’s content. While a story mode may not be on the horizon for Helldivers 2, the dedication of Arrowhead Game Studios to improving the overall gameplay experience remains unwavering.


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