Monolith Productions, the studio behind the successful Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor game, has been developing a highly anticipated Wonder Woman game adaptation for several years. However, a recent job listing for a Lead Software Engineer, Gameplay has raised concerns among fans and potential players. The listing, discovered by Wccftech, not only seeks candidates with experience in game development but also highlights the need for expertise in maintaining a live software product or game. This suggests that the Wonder Woman game may incorporate live service elements, which could dampen the enthusiasm around its release.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend in the gaming industry towards incorporating live service elements into games. These elements are intended to engage players over a long-term period and encourage them to invest more money in in-game items and features. They can enhance the gaming experience by offering additional outfit cosmetics, weapon skins, skills bonuses, new story chapters, and even new playable characters. However, the implementation of live service elements has often been criticized for its predatory nature and the negative impact on players’ wallets.

The Backlash Against Live Service Games

Live service games have faced significant backlash from the gaming community, particularly during the announcement and release cycles. When Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was first revealed, it faced swift and fierce criticism due to its inclusion of live service elements. This backlash was so intense that the game’s release was postponed by several months. If the Wonder Woman game follows a similar path and includes overt live service elements, it may encounter similar resistance from fans and players.

The Changing Landscape

The timing of this job listing is unfortunate, as the gaming industry is experiencing a shift in sentiment towards live service games. Major companies such as Remedy Entertainment and Sony have recently made decisions to rethink their live service titles due to uncertainties about their success and public reception. Remedy Entertainment even decided to reboot its upcoming live service game, Project Vanguard, as a premium game. The failure of several high-profile live service games in 2023, attributed to low player engagement and spending, has further contributed to the changing landscape.

Before passing judgment on the Wonder Woman game and its potential inclusion of live service elements, it is crucial to gather more information. As of now, there have been no concrete details or gameplay footage shared with the public. It is possible that the team at Monolith Productions intends to incorporate live service elements in a responsible and player-friendly manner, enhancing the overall experience without exploiting players’ wallets.

While live service games have faced significant criticism in recent times, it is important to acknowledge that not all implementations of these elements are inherently bad. When done right, live service elements can enrich the gaming experience and create a thriving community of players. However, developers must tread carefully to avoid falling into the trap of exploiting players’ willingness to spend. Striking a balance between engaging players and respecting their financial well-being is essential to ensure the longevity and success of live service games.

As we await further details about the Wonder Woman game adaptation, it is crucial to approach any concerns with an open mind. While the job listing indicating potential live service elements may have dampened enthusiasm among some fans, it is essential to give Monolith Productions the benefit of the doubt. Creating a game featuring such an iconic superhero requires careful consideration and the ability to captivate audiences without compromising their trust or financial security. The industry’s shift in sentiment towards live service games serves as a reminder for developers to approach these elements responsibly and reshape the narrative surrounding them. Only time will tell whether the Wonder Woman game will successfully navigate these challenges and offer players an epic Wonder Woman experience worthy of her legacy.


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