The ‘Pokeverse’ fan convention in Mandaluyong, Manila, in the Philippines has been dubbed as the ‘Willy Wonka’ expo of the video game industry. Attendees have shared their experiences, painting a picture of misfortune, disappointment, and overall ineptitude on the part of the event organizers. From late openings to downsized floor plans and empty spaces, the event was described as ‘barren’ and lacking in substance. One attendee even reported witnessing a strange incident of an individual slurping ravioli sauce from a jar in his pocket, adding to the overall chaos of the convention.

Poor Treatment of Attendees

The convention’s camera crew faced criticism for their relentless filming of cosplayers without permission, as well as capturing unattended minors in their shots. To make matters worse, a ‘Make-A-Wish’ segment, not included in the official itinerary, took place on the third day, where terminally ill children were brought on stage with minimal protection. The lack of emphasis on consent and the safety of attendees, especially children, raised concerns among participants.

Organizers’ Response

In light of the backlash, the event organizers issued a statement acknowledging the need for improvement. They cited the lack of preparation time for their first event as a contributing factor to the chaos. While they expressed gratitude for the attendees’ feedback, they recognized the shortcomings of the convention and vowed to do better in the future. Despite the apologies and promises of improvement, the damage had already been done, and attendees were left questioning the competence of the organizers.

Overall, the Pokeverse fan convention was a disaster that left a bitter taste in the mouths of those who attended. From poor organization to questionable filming practices and the mishandling of a sensitive segment involving terminally ill children, the event highlighted the importance of thorough planning and consideration for attendees’ well-being. Moving forward, it is essential for event organizers to prioritize the safety and comfort of all participants to avoid such chaotic and distressing experiences in the future.


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