Animal Well, the second best-rated game of 2024, is impressing gamers not only with its gameplay but also with its incredibly compact size. Developer Billy Basso’s innovative approach to game development has led to a game that packs a punch in just 33.3MB of space. By creating a custom engine and using low-resolution pixel art assets, Basso was able to keep the game’s size to a minimum without compromising on quality.

Differences Between Platforms

While the PC version of Animal Well is a mere 33.3MB in size, the console versions, particularly the PS5, require more space at 101MB. The larger size on consoles is mainly due to a 4K background image that appears in the console’s UI when hovering over the game icon. Despite the increase in size, the game’s performance and content remain consistent across all platforms.

Critical Acclaim

Critics and gamers alike are praising Animal Well for its inventive gameplay and depth. Described as an “endlessly inventive Metroidvania with unfathomable depth” in our review, the game is proving that size isn’t everything. Despite its tiny file size, Animal Well offers a gameplay experience that rivals much larger games on the market.

In a gaming landscape where file sizes are constantly ballooning, Animal Well stands out as a shining example of what can be achieved with careful optimization and design. Developer Billy Basso’s decision to prioritize efficiency and quality over unnecessary bulk has paid off, earning the game a top spot in the rankings for 2024. As players continue to delve into the depths of Animal Well, it becomes clear that size truly doesn’t matter when it comes to delivering a memorable gaming experience.


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