Game development is widely renowned for its complexity and the amount of work that goes into creating even a single minute of gameplay. This fact is highlighted in a recent Twitter post by KaptainKuba that resurfaces behind-the-scenes clips from the production of God of War 2. The snippets showcase the elaborate process undertaken by the Sony Santa Monica studio to bring their epic action sequel to life.

In the resurfaced clip, the studio provides a glimpse into the development of a seemingly mundane moment where the protagonist, Kratos, shakes and shatters a stone column. However, what may appear as a simple action on screen actually involves a multitude of team members and departments working in tandem to execute it successfully.

According to director Cory Barlog, this one-minute sequence alone requires the involvement of various individuals from different departments. The level designers play a crucial role in creating the space where the action takes place, while also modeling the column. From there, the animation team waits for the design to be finalized before adding the necessary effects. A combat designer then integrates the column into the gameplay mechanics, requiring the coordination of sound designers to attach the appropriate sounds to the action. Additionally, if any special code needs to be developed, programmers must be notified in advance.

Barlog emphasizes that almost every department within the studio contributes to a section that amounts to only a minute of gameplay. This interconnectedness showcases the iterative and collaborative nature of game development. With each department adding their expertise to the mix, the final product becomes a result of multiple hands working together.

While the behind-the-scenes clip provided insight into the development process of God of War 2, it is essential to acknowledge that this blockbuster game was released in 2007. Since then, game development has only become more intricate and unstable. As technology advances and player expectations grow, the demands on game developers have also increased exponentially.

The resurfaced clips from God of War 2’s production serve as a reality check for those aspiring to pursue a career in game development. It highlights the complexity and collaboration required to bring a game to life, even for just a single minute of gameplay. The intricate process of developing a game demands a high level of skill, coordination, and dedication from various departments working together towards a shared vision.

Game development is no easy feat, as demonstrated by the efforts displayed in the creation of God of War 2. This behind-the-scenes glimpse showcases the meticulousness and complex nature of the process, reminding us of the incredible talents and collaborative efforts required to produce a masterpiece in the world of gaming.


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