One Elden Ring player recently experienced a stroke of luck while fighting the final boss in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. A glitch in the game dealt a whopping 32,000 damage in a single hit, ultimately leading to the swift defeat of the typically challenging enemy. The player, known as Gneurshk__, expressed frustration over this unexpected turn of events, feeling that they had been “robbed of the fight.”

While some may view this glitch-induced victory as a stroke of luck, others, including Gneurshk__, see it as a significant loss. The final boss battle, which should have been the culmination of a challenging campaign, was abruptly cut short by the unforeseen glitch. Despite the disappointment, there are those who would welcome such an easy win, seeing it as a gift from higher powers rather than a theft of the experience.

In response to the glitch-aided victory, Gneurshk expressed anger and a desire for a rematch. Unfortunately, Elden Ring does not allow players to replay boss battles, leaving Gneurshk with the option of starting a new game cycle to face Radahn once again. The desire for a fair and square victory lingers, showcasing the importance of overcoming challenges through skill and perseverance rather than relying on fortunate glitches.

For players currently grappling with the formidable final boss Radahn, it is important to remember that the struggle is a common experience. Even accomplished players like Let Me Solo Her faced difficulties before emerging victorious against this challenging foe. Seeking out guides and strategies for overcoming Radahn’s formidable strengths, phases, and rewards can provide valuable insights and assistance in the battle.

Despite the controversy surrounding glitch-induced victories and the desire for fair gameplay, the challenges presented by bosses like Radahn in Elden Ring serve to test players’ skills and determination. Whether through sheer luck or hard-earned victory, each player’s journey through the game is a unique and memorable experience.


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