Popular WWE 2k24 modder Status faced a ban from the game earlier this week, leading to their creations being taken offline. The reason behind this ban was cited as a violation of the game’s End User License Agreement. However, after significant backlash and the emergence of the #FreeStatus trend on X, Status has now been reinstated. This reinstatement comes after a meeting between Status and WWE Games, resulting in an agreement that allows some of his mods to return. Status expressed gratitude for the support received, stating that his ban has been lifted and he is now free.

In response to the controversy surrounding Status, WWE Games released a statement on Reddit, acknowledging the concerns raised by the community. The statement highlighted a meeting with Status, where stability concerns and performance issues related to some popular mods were addressed. As a result of this discussion, Status’ ban has been lifted immediately. WWE Games also expressed their commitment to working with him to bring back certain content that does not pose stability issues. Moving forward, the focus is on establishing a common understanding and ensuring the enjoyment of WWE 2k24 for all players.

The initial ban notice did not specify the exact modded content that led to Status’ ban. However, it is known that his uploads included unique characters that are not typically playable in WWE 2k24, such as match commentators and female wrestlers competing against male counterparts. This feature goes against the norm in the game, which may have raised concerns regarding game stability and performance. Status has assured his followers that he will provide an update on the limitations imposed on his mods in the near future. As of now, all his mods remain offline.

The controversy surrounding WWE 2k24 modder Status sheds light on the complex relationship between modders and game developers. While mods can enhance the gaming experience for many players, they can also pose challenges in terms of stability and performance. The reinstatement of Status after community backlash signifies the importance of open dialogue and understanding between modders and game companies. Moving forward, it is crucial for both parties to work together towards a common goal of ensuring an enjoyable and seamless gaming experience for all players.


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