Players of Dragon’s Dogma 2 have recently discovered a hidden danger lurking in the game – Dragonsplague. This menacing affliction can turn once friendly Pawns into bloodthirsty killers, causing chaos and devastation in its wake. While the game notifies players of an afflicted Pawn, it’s easy to overlook or skip through the warning, putting your entire save file at risk.

To combat the spread of Dragonsplague, players have come up with a clever way to signal an afflicted Pawn. When borrowing a Pawn from another player, gifts are exchanged as tokens of appreciation. However, some players are now sending wilted flowers, rotten fruit, and broken pieces as a warning sign of their Pawn’s condition. It’s crucial to pay attention to these gifts and not dismiss them as mere dissatisfaction with your Pawn’s performance.

Preventing Catastrophe

In a game where choices have consequences, overlooking the signs of Dragonsplague can have catastrophic results. Afflicted Pawns can wreak havoc on unsuspecting NPCs, leading to disastrous outcomes for the player’s in-game world. By heeding the warnings and taking the necessary precautions, players can prevent the spread of this deadly affliction and protect their save file from permanent damage.

While sending Pawns off into the Rift can be a rewarding experience, it also comes with inherent risks. Players must stay vigilant and keep a close eye on their Pawns’ behavior and the gifts they bring back. Being aware of the warning signs of Dragonsplague can mean the difference between a successful adventure and a game-ending disaster.

In the world of Dragon’s Dogma 2, the threat of Dragonsplague looms large, posing a significant risk to players’ save files and in-game world. By recognizing the hidden clues and warning signs, players can take proactive steps to prevent the spread of this deadly affliction. Stay vigilant, pay attention to the gifts your Pawns bring back, and never underestimate the potential consequences of ignoring the signs of Dragonsplague. Your in-game world depends on it.


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