The Fear & Hunger games are a genre unto themselves, blending elements of JRPG, survival horror, and adventure games into a pitch-black world that is both disturbing and addictive. While some may be tempted to label these games as bleakly nihilistic, they are actually crafted with a level of evident love and attention to detail that is hard to ignore.

Both Fear & Hunger games start with a content warning that lists “extreme violence, gore, sexual violence, and drug usage.” This warning is not to be taken lightly, as the games do delve into some tasteless and graphic content, particularly in the first game. While there is a mod available to censor certain scenes, it does detract from the full experience of the game.

For those who enjoy the works of Berserk, Robert Chambers’ The King In Yellow, Silent Hill, Dark Souls, Hellraiser, or games where making the wrong choices can lead to instant death, the Fear & Hunger games offer a unique and thrilling experience. The games present players with horrific moral choices in a dungeon setting, creating trap-and-trauma laden environments that will push players to their limits.

In the world of Fear & Hunger, players must keep their party of characters well-fed and sane as they navigate through the twisted landscapes. It is a game where giving opium to a dog or a child is not out of the question, adding a layer of moral ambiguity to the gameplay. Players will face repeated failures and setbacks, slowly learning to navigate the game’s sadistic challenges and making progress through trial and error.

Despite the dark subject matter and challenging gameplay, the Fear & Hunger games offer a uniquely compelling experience for those willing to dive in. The games invite players to explore obscure terrors, become fluent in the series’ twisted language, and develop strategies to inch closer towards success. It is not about winning or losing, but about the journey and the experience of delving into these haunting worlds.

For those seeking a similar yet less intense experience, Felvidek is recommended as a stark indie RPG that offers a different take on the genre. While Fear & Hunger games may leave players feeling unsettled and disturbed, Felvidek provides a more subdued and introspective experience that is equally engaging in its own way.


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