Popular Call of Duty streamer, Nick “Nickmercs” Kolcheff, recently revealed during a livestream that he will be hosting gambling streams as part of his new deal with Twitch rival Kick. This revelation has sparked concerns about the relationship between Kick’s success as a streaming platform and its ties to gambling activities.

While Kolcheff’s statement initially seemed to suggest that his Kick contract included a gambling clause, Kick’s head of strategic partnerships clarified that this was not the case. Gaming and esports reporter, Jake Lucky, shed some light on the situation, stating that Nickmercs has a separate contract with Stake.com, a gambling site owned by Kick co-founder Ed Craven. This raises questions about the extent to which Kick’s success depends on the success of its gambling arm.

To comply with the legal restrictions surrounding online gambling in the United States, Nickmercs mentioned that he has secured a location outside of the country for his gambling streams. Stake.com is not licensed to operate in the US, highlighting the potential risks associated with engaging in gambling-related activities on a global scale.

A Platform Willing to Spend

Kick.com has made it clear that it is determined to become a major player in the livestreaming business. The platform offers an attractive 95/5 subscription revenue split and has enticed prominent streamers such as Fèlix “xQc” Lengyel and Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa with lucrative contracts. However, this success comes with some unsettling baggage.

Kick.com, the home of controversial streamer Adin Ross, has a history of hosting problematic content. Ross has been criticized for platforming known white supremacists and spreading anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments. Furthermore, the platform faced backlash earlier this year when a streamer was temporarily banned for broadcasting explicit sexual content, and another was under fire for a “creepy” livestream involving a hidden camera and a sex worker.

The Twitch Ban and Concerns

It is worth noting that Twitch banned Stake.com and other gambling sites a year ago due to concerns regarding gambling addiction and the potential negative influence on the platform’s underage audience. This decision was backed by popular Twitch streamers and alarmed viewers who recognized the dangers of promoting gambling activities.

The association between gaming and gambling streams on Kick raises red flags about the platform’s ethical stance. By combining gaming content with gambling, there is a risk of normalizing these activities and exposing vulnerable viewers to potential harm, including addiction.

The revelation of Nickmercs’ involvement in gambling streams on Kick has shed light on the disturbing connection between gaming and gambling on the platform. Despite Kick’s attempts to become a major player in streaming, the reliance on gambling activities raises concerns about the potential negative consequences for both the platform and its audience. It is crucial to address these issues and consider the ethical implications of promoting gambling within the gaming industry.


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