League Of Geeks has recently announced that the release date of their highly anticipated remake of the cult strategy game Solium Infernum has been pushed back by a week. Originally scheduled to launch on February 14th, the game will now be released on February 22nd. While this news may disappoint some eager fans who had hoped to spend their Valentine’s night engaged in a thrilling battle to rule hell, the developers have deemed this extra time necessary to ensure the game is polished and of the highest quality upon release.

The decision to delay the release of Solium Infernum seems to be partly influenced by the valuable feedback that the developers received during the game’s recent multiplayer playtest weekend. Over 4000 players participated in the event, playing more than 400 matches in a span of three days. This playtest allowed the team to uncover several significant issues that required immediate attention before the game’s launch.

In a blog post on Steam, League Of Geeks shared their major takeaways from the playtest, focusing on the tutorial, game stability, and performance. The developers acknowledged that while the tutorial effectively conveyed the core mechanics of the game, it was prone to breaking too easily, leading to frustration among new players. The team deemed this situation far from ideal, as it hindered players’ understanding of the game before they could fully grasp its concepts. Consequently, the developers set “very aggressive targets for stability” to address this issue. They also highlighted the importance of performance and assured players that the game’s performance at launch would surpass its pre-release state significantly.

Before the public playtest, members of the RPS Treehouse had the opportunity to engage in an asynchronous multiplayer match of Solium Infernum. Despite encountering a few bugs, the experience was enjoyable as they plotted and schemed against each other. In addition to real-time multiplayer matches, the full game will offer single-player Chronicles episodes and a Skirmish mode. The RPS Treehouse members are eager to share their in-depth thoughts and match reports on Solium Infernum closer to its launch.

With the release of Solium Infernum drawing nearer, speculation is rife about which member of the RPS Treehouse would emerge victorious in a game of strategic conquest. Each member’s unique playstyle and cunning make the selection difficult, intensifying the anticipation surrounding the eventual outcome. The game features eight Arch Fiends, each representing a different aspect of the team. It will be intriguing to see which Arch Fiend aligns best with each member’s skills and personality.

Although the delay in the release of League Of Geeks’ Solium Infernum remake may be disappointing to some, it is ultimately a necessary setback. The additional time allows the developers to address crucial player concerns and deliver a polished, stable, and high-performing game upon its release. As fans eagerly await the arrival of Solium Infernum, they can speculate on who among the RPS Treehouse members would conquer this demonic game and which Arch Fiend represents each team member.


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