In a recent turn of events, it has been reported that EA has denied claims made by industry insider Jeff Grubb regarding the development of a Dead Space 2 remake. The initial reports suggested that EA Motive was in the pre-production phase of working on a remake for the 2011 sequel before deciding to halt the project due to underwhelming sales of the first game. EA has refuted these claims, stating that there is no validity to the story. This denial has left fans wondering about the fate of the highly anticipated Dead Space 2 remake.

The decision to shelve the Dead Space 2 remake reportedly came as a result of lackluster sales for the first game. Despite critical acclaim, the Dead Space remake did not meet sales expectations, leading to concerns about the potential success of a sequel. Grubb’s comments suggested that the project was in the concepting phase and had entered pre-production before being put on hold. This news comes as a disappointment to fans who were eagerly anticipating the return of the beloved sci-fi survival-horror franchise.

Shift in Development Focus

The shelving of the Dead Space 2 remake comes at a time when EA Motive is shifting its focus towards other projects. Part of the studio has transitioned to working on the Battlefield series following the release of Battlefield 2042, while the remainder of the team is dedicated to developing an Iron Man game. This change in priorities indicates a shift away from the Dead Space franchise, leaving fans uncertain about the future of the series.

Last year, EA conducted a survey to gauge player interest in a Dead Space 2 remake along with a potential remake of the third installment in the franchise. The survey aimed to determine whether there was enough demand for remakes of these beloved horror titles. However, it seems that the response was not sufficient to convince the publisher to move forward with the projects. This lack of interest from players may have influenced EA’s decision to halt the development of the Dead Space 2 remake.

The original Dead Space game remake received praise for its enhancements and improvements, with critics hailing it as a faithful recreation of the horror classic. However, the underwhelming sales may have cast doubt on the potential success of a sequel. Fans of the series were looking forward to experiencing the enhanced version of Dead Space 2, considered by many as one of the best horror games ever made. The cancellation of the project has left fans disappointed and questioning the future of the franchise.

The demise of the Dead Space 2 remake at EA has raised concerns among fans and industry insiders alike. The conflicting reports from EA and industry insider Jeff Grubb have left fans wondering about the fate of the highly anticipated sequel. The decision to halt development due to lackluster sales of the first game has disappointed fans who were eagerly awaiting the return of the beloved franchise. As EA shifts its focus towards other projects, the future of the Dead Space series remains uncertain.


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