Arkane Austin’s Redfall, a vampire shooter game, has recently received its final update, marking the end of an era for the developers who have now been let go by their parent company Microsoft. The update, which includes new features such as an offline mode and single-player pausing, aims to address some of the long-standing issues in the game and provide players with a more enjoyable experience.

One of the key additions in the final update is the introduction of Elder Nests, which are vampire nests with specially modified bosses. These nests can be found around the game world and offer players a unique challenge to overcome. By defeating the boss vampire in an Elder Nest, players can earn a temporary Heart Shard buff that scales with the difficulty of the campaign. Additionally, the update brings new enemy encounters in Redfall Commons, improved AI, and a new Unrivaled Weapon for players to utilize in their battles against the undead.

Another notable feature introduced in the update is the Community Standing bar, where players can spend Support currency on rewards from the Safehouse Skill tree. This new progression system offers players a variety of benefits, including permanent buffs and cosmetic rewards. The developers have designed these upgrades to provide players with a mixture of quality-of-life improvements and gameplay enhancements, with some traits specifically catering to collectors looking to complete their collection of cosmetics and Grave Locks.

The closure of Arkane Austin, along with Hi-Fi Rush developers Tango Gameworks, was announced by Microsoft as part of a consolidation of their Bethesda studio teams. This decision was made to allow Microsoft to focus on investing more deeply in their portfolio of games and new IP. While Arkane Austin has previously worked on successful titles like Prey, Redfall failed to live up to expectations due to technical issues, lack of engaging content, and limited post-launch support. However, despite its shortcomings, the game still managed to capture the imagination of players with its immersive setting and visual design.

While Redfall may never reach its full potential, the addition of offline support in the final update ensures that the game will not be lost when Microsoft shuts down its servers. The developers at Arkane Austin have expressed their pride in the game and gratitude for the opportunity to work on it. As the studio closes its doors, the survivors will undoubtedly carry on their legacy in the gaming industry, and fans can only hope for more exciting projects from them in the future. Good luck to all the talented individuals at Arkane Austin as they embark on new journeys in their careers.

The story of Redfall and Arkane Austin serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by developers in the gaming industry. Despite the setbacks and eventual closure of the studio, the passion and dedication of the team behind the game are evident in the final update. As we bid farewell to Redfall, we can only look forward to the next chapter in the gaming world and the creative endeavors of those involved.


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