Embarking on the Alone in the Dark quest in Destiny 2 is not for the faint of heart. It requires players to assist Micah-10 in recovering and healing lost Ghosts in the Pale Heart, offering tempting rewards along the way. The quest is part of the endgame content for The Final Shape in Destiny 2, adding an extra layer of challenge and excitement for players who have completed the main campaign. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of the Alone in the Dark quest, providing tips on how to complete it successfully and maximize your rewards.

Quest Steps

When undertaking the Alone in the Dark quest, players must follow a series of steps to find and heal the lost Ghosts scattered throughout the Pale Heart. The quest begins by locating the Ghost within the designated search area, which can be found near one of the three Pale Heart Lost Sectors. Once the Ghost is discovered, players must open Overthrow chests in the respective Lost Sector to progress further in the quest. Additionally, players need to “invert” the Cyst and complete a Cyst activity to heal the wounded Ghost. Finally, returning to the Arbor of Light in the Lost City Tower and interacting with the Fissure of Light will free the Ghost and allow players to claim their rewards from Micah-10.

One of the unique aspects of the Alone in the Dark quest is that it is repeatable, allowing players to undertake it multiple times to earn additional rewards and rescue more Ghosts. Each run of the quest presents new challenges and locations for the lost Ghosts, adding variety and excitement to the gameplay experience. To unlock all the Cyst activity variants, players must complete Alone in the Dark at least five times, providing an incentive to revisit the quest and test their skills.

Rewards and Benefits

Completing the Alone in the Dark quest in Destiny 2 offers players a range of rewards and benefits, including Pale Heart weapons for crafting. With each completion of the quest, players can choose from three Pale Heart weapons – the Bold Endings Hand Cannon, Axial Lacuna Fusion Rifle, and False Idols Sword. The weapons may also have the coveted Deepsight perk, which enhances their effectiveness in battle. By repeating the quest and increasing their Ghost reputation rank, players can unlock additional rewards and enhance their arsenal for future challenges.

Lost Ghost Locations

Throughout the Alone in the Dark quest, players will encounter lost Ghosts in various locations within the Pale Heart. These Ghosts are hidden in the Forgotten Deep, Blooming Deep, and Broken Deep Lost Sectors, each presenting a unique challenge to overcome. From puddles next to trees to treetop branches and icy corridors, players must navigate these environments carefully to locate and heal the lost Ghosts. By exploring all possible locations and mastering the challenges, players can complete the quest successfully and claim their rewards.

In addition to finding and healing lost Ghosts, players must also tackle the Cyst challenges scattered throughout the Pale Heart. These mini challenges take place in secret areas and require either defeating a final boss or solving a specific mechanic to progress. By overcoming these challenges and healing the Ghost at the end, players can further enhance their Ghost reputation rank and unlock valuable rewards. The Cysts add an extra layer of complexity to the quest, providing a test of skill and strategy for players seeking a greater challenge.

The Alone in the Dark quest in Destiny 2 offers a thrilling adventure for players looking to test their skills and earn valuable rewards. By following the quest steps, exploring lost Ghost locations, and mastering the Cyst challenges, players can enhance their gameplay experience and unlock new opportunities for progression. Whether engaging in the quest for the first time or embarking on repeat runs to increase their rewards, players will find plenty of excitement and challenges awaiting them in the Pale Heart.


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