The recent report on the making of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League sheds light on the challenges faced by Rocksteady Studios during the development of their live service game. The studio, known for its successful singleplayer experiences in the Arkham series, was pressured by corporate owners to create a multiplayer game, a departure from their usual style. This shift in focus may have contributed to the game’s eventual failure at launch.

The report also highlights the role of indecisive leadership and a culture of “toxic positivity” within Rocksteady Studios. Studio leadership reportedly reassured staff that the game would come together at the last minute, similar to the Arkham games. However, this blind optimism did not align with the reality of the situation, as evidenced by the missed opportunities and development setbacks faced by the team.

Former studio co-founder Sefton Hill’s struggle to communicate his changing vision for the game is also mentioned in the report. Hill, who left the studio in 2022, allegedly admitted to not spending much time studying competing games like Destiny. This lack of awareness of industry trends and player preferences may have led to missteps in the development process, such as the nine months wasted on a scrapped vehicle customization system.

Despite the setbacks and the reported $200 million loss incurred by Warner Bros. in the development of Suicide Squad, Rocksteady Studios has managed to avoid layoffs. The studio is currently involved in the development of a “director’s cut” version of Hogwarts Legacy and is rumored to be pitching a new single-player game to return to their roots. This potential return to their origins may offer a glimmer of hope for fans of Rocksteady’s previous work.

As Rocksteady Studios navigates the aftermath of Suicide Squad’s disappointing launch, the focus shifts to their future projects. With a renewed emphasis on single-player experiences and a commitment to their established strengths, the studio has the opportunity to regain their footing in the industry. Fans and critics alike will be eagerly awaiting news of Rocksteady’s next venture, hopeful for a return to form for the acclaimed developer.


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