Devolver Digital recently concluded 2023 with a bang by hosting their final showcase, the Public Access Holiday Special. This anticipated event treated viewers to a delightful blend of new game reveals and hilarious sketches, celebrating the festive season in typical Devolver fashion. From trailers showcasing upcoming titles to insightful developer interviews, there was no shortage of excitement. In this article, we will explore the exciting highlights from the Devolver Digital Public Access Holiday Special for 2023.

Anger Foot: A New Locale to Kick Through

Kicking off the showcase with a bang, Devolver Digital released a new trailer for the highly-anticipated game, Anger Foot. Showcasing thrilling gameplay footage, players were treated to a sneak peek of new locales to explore and conquer. As the game’s release date remains unknown, fans eagerly await the opportunity to delve into this adrenaline-fueled adventure.

All Possible Futures presented a new story trailer for their upcoming game, The Plucky Squire. This trailer not only introduced players to stunning explorable terrains but also offered a glimpse into the intricate gameplay mechanics that await. Furthermore, the developers discussed the challenges they faced in bringing The Plucky Squire to life and why storybooks hold universal appeal for individuals of all ages. Excitement mounts as it was confirmed that The Plucky Squire will be released in 2024.

Delving into the realm of combat games, Devolver Digital unveiled Stick it to the Stickman. This highly-anticipated game centers around guiding a Stickman through a chaotic workplace while fighting against malevolent forces, including coworkers. The latest trailer provides a tantalizing glimpse into the game’s fictional company, StickedIn, and its action-packed 2D and 3D gameplay. While a release date remains undisclosed, fans eagerly anticipate its arrival in 2024.

Pepper Grinder: Carving through a Wild Fantasy World

In a segment filled with charm and whimsy, the creators of Pepper Grinder took center stage. Amidst the backdrop of cookie-making, they showcased new action segments for the game. Pepper Grinder immerses players in a wild fantasy world, armed with a giant drill weapon capable of carving through water, ice, and rock. With a confirmed release date in 2024, fans can look forward to embarking on this memorable adventure.

Baby Steps: A Surreal Walking Simulator

Prepare for an unconventional walking simulator experience with Baby Steps. Players will take control of an adventurer with a distinctive gait and flailing limbs as they navigate a series of challenges. Overcoming obstacles like walking up rocks and mountains, players will need to master QWOP-style controls. Although the release date remains uncertain, the game promises a delightful, yet challenging journey that is sure to capture players’ hearts.

Cricket Through the Ages: A Silly History Lesson

Devolver Digital and Free Lives had an exciting announcement in store. Cricket Through the Ages, a physics-based game that humorously explores the intertwining histories of humankind and cricket, will soon be available on PC and Nintendo Switch. Following its period of Apple Arcade exclusivity, fans can anticipate enjoying this whimsical game in early 2024.

While the major announcements served as the centerpiece of the Devolver Digital Public Access Holiday Special for 2023, additional trailers were showcased for games like Disc Room, OmniBus, The Talos Principle 2, and more. Devolver Digital once again delivered a memorable showcase, blending wholesome reveals, unhinged humor, and a festive spirit. For those who missed the event, the Devolver Digital Public Access Holiday Special 2023 can be viewed on YouTube. Stay tuned for upcoming releases from Devolver Digital and prepare to immerse yourself in a world of laughter and gaming excellence.


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