Despite the success of the National Treasure movies, it seems that fans will never get to see a third installment. Nicolas Cage bluntly shut down any hopes of a National Treasure 3, stating that treasure seekers should not look to Disney for any new adventures.

After the movies, the franchise attempted to continue through the Disney+ TV series National Treasure: Edge of History. However, this revival did not catch on with the audience and was ultimately canceled after just one season. It seems that the magic of the original movies did not carry over to the small screen.

The National Treasure movies were known for their absurd yet entertaining plots. From stealing the Declaration of Independence to kidnapping the President of the United States, the series delivered outlandish storylines that captivated audiences and made for an enjoyable viewing experience.

The franchise boasted a star-studded cast, including actors like Diane Kruger, Sean Bean, Jon Voight, and many more. With the likes of Nicolas Cage, Justin Bartha, and Harvey Keitel leading the way, the National Treasure movies raked in close to $1 billion at the box office, showcasing the star power of the ensemble cast.

Despite the financial success of the movies, Disney never managed to turn National Treasure into a full-fledged franchise that extended to merchandise and theme park attractions. Producer Jason Reed acknowledged this missed opportunity, highlighting that while the movies had a dedicated fanbase, the company failed to capitalize on the potential of the franchise.

The disappearance of National Treasure 3 is a disappointing end to a beloved franchise. While the movies may have left a mark on pop culture, the failure to expand the brand beyond the silver screen ultimately led to its downfall. As Nicolas Cage’s recent comments suggest, the treasure hunt for a third movie may have come to an abrupt end, leaving fans with only the memories of the adventurous tales from the past.


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