The highly anticipated release of Payday 3 this week has left players in a state of frustration and disappointment. As we reported in July, the game requires players to connect to a server, even when playing solo or in a private match with friends. However, these servers have proven to be a complete disaster at launch, leaving players to endure long queues or, in some cases, being unable to play the game at all. This article delves into the chaotic launch and the negative impact it has had on player experiences.

It comes as no surprise that Payday 3 has received “Mostly Negative” reviews on Steam, with a meager 31% positive rating from almost 19,000 reviews. The overwhelmingly negative sentiment towards the game revolves around the mandatory online-only requirement. One disgruntled player even stated, “Online only was a huge mistake.” Another player expressed their frustration, saying, “Imagine waiting for an hour and ten minutes and still not being able to get into a private game.” These sentiments are echoed by countless others who feel robbed of an offline mode.

Accountability or Lack Thereof

The official Payday X account, formerly known as Twitter, has been diligently tracking the ongoing issues. They acknowledged the problem of “slow matchmaking” on September 21st and even reported a complete “matchmaking outage” the following day, September 22nd. While the account claims to have resolved some issues and allowed players to create lobbies again, it concedes that there may still be a few lingering problems. Players who have been eagerly anticipating the launch of Payday 3 have not hesitated to express their frustration and disappointment to the beleaguered account.

Alice B, in her Payday 3 review, highlighted the game’s enjoyable levels and satisfactory shooting mechanics. However, she ultimately felt let down by the random matchmaking system lacking the control offered by its predecessor. It is evident that, if not for the game’s mandatory online-only feature, Payday 3 would have likely received more favorable reviews on Steam. The absence of an offline mode has been a significant drawback for many players who enjoy having the flexibility to play without relying on unstable servers.

The disastrous launch of Payday 3 serves as a cautionary tale for game developers considering the implementation of an online-only model. While the concept has its merits, it is crucial to prioritize player experiences and ensure server stability. The frustration and negative reviews surrounding Payday 3 highlight the importance of providing players with options, such as an offline mode, to prevent the entire game from being held hostage by server issues.

The tumultuous release of Payday 3 has left players disillusioned and dissatisfied. The game’s online-only requirement coupled with server stability issues has resulted in endless queues and a significant number of players unable to access the game. The negative reviews and criticisms emphasize the need for game developers to carefully consider the impact of their decisions on player experiences. The gaming community eagerly awaits a resolution to the ongoing server problems, hoping that future updates will address these concerns and restore faith in the Payday franchise.


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