The hunt for Diablo 4’s hidden cow level has intensified as players have unearthed three enigmatic relics. These relics have been obtained by slaying an astonishing 666 cows each. Revelations surrounding these relics have surfaced on YouTube, courtesy of Grampa Joe, a dedicated Diablo 4 player. Investigations by the gaming community discovered these relics through data mining efforts after the launch of Diablo 4 Season 2. This recent development has added new elements to the already conundrum-filled cow level puzzle. The three relics in question are the Musty Tome, Bloody Wooden Shard, and Intricate Metallic Fragment. All three relics are considered quest items and are obtained in the same manner, by killing the required number of cows.

Acquiring these relics isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. In order to obtain the Musty Tome, players believe they must kill cows in the Scosglen or Fractured Peaks areas. On the other hand, the Intricate Metallic Fragment is said to drop from cows in the Dry Steppes area. Lastly, the Bloody Wooden Shard is obtained by slaying cows in either the Kehjistan or Hawezar regions. Interestingly, only the final kill needs to be in the correct area, allowing players the flexibility to search for denser herds elsewhere in order to save time. However, even with this tactic, the arduous journey to reach 666 cow kills can still consume hours of a player’s time.

The Forlorn Hovel

Once the three relics are secured, players must venture to the northwest, where they will find Ked Bardu. The relics must be used at an altar in the city that is guarded by ox statues. By combining the power of the relics, players will obtain a peculiar key. This key unlocks the door to the Forlorn Hovel, situated far to the east of Cerrigar, close to the Highland Wilds ritual waypoint. Upon entering the hovel, players will be greeted by a chilling sight – countless cows observing their every movement. Curiously, the hovel also houses the bodies of deceased villagers, leaving players to ponder whether the cows are the perpetrators of these macabre scenes or mere bystanders.

While progress has been made, the enigma surrounding the hidden quest remains unsolved. Comparisons have been drawn to Diablo 3’s cow level, leading some players to speculate that Diablo 4 players may eventually open a portal within the depths of the Forlorn Hovel’s cellar. However, the exact steps and ultimate goal of this hidden quest continue to elude players. For now, slaying the cows seems to have no immediate effect, except for the final cow drop, which yields a seemingly useless potion, reminiscent of powdered milk.

In the ever-expanding world of Diablo 4, players tirelessly strive to uncover its secrets and experience the thrills of hidden quests. The pursuit of the mysterious cow level remains ongoing, with players eagerly awaiting the next breakthrough that will shed light on this enigmatic realm.


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