The Stellar Blade Lost Ark puzzle has been a source of frustration for many players trying to access the locked door in Xion. The puzzle itself is complex and involves deciphering a specific terminal sequence in order to unlock the door and progress further in the mission.

The passcode required to enter the Lost Ark in Stellar Blade’s side mission is a combination of characters and symbols that need to be inputted correctly into the console. The clue for this passcode can be found on a document next to the Lost Ark’s door, which mentions “Turn Xion, turn clockwise!”

There are six terminals scattered throughout Xion, each displaying a single digit of the code. These terminals are located in semi-hidden spots around Xion, and players must find them all to gather the necessary information for the passcode.

To decipher the passcode, players must use the “clockwise” clue to determine the order in which to input the digits from each terminal. The terminals are to be accessed according to their clockwise positioning in Xion, making it a challenging puzzle to solve.

– θ – In the top-right alley of Xion.
– μ – On the right when coming up the stairs North of the hair salon.
– κ – In the alley that curves North of the Bulletin Board.
– α – At the end of the very first street on your left when entering Xion.
– ε – On the steps leading down to the Sister’s Junk shop.
– 120632 – In the outdoor cafe in the central Xion plaza, on your left when you come up the steps.

Once all the terminals have been located and the passcode has been deciphered, players can enter it into the Lost Ark terminal to unlock the door and progress the mission. The process may be challenging, but with perseverance and attention to detail, the puzzle can be successfully solved.

The Stellar Blade Lost Ark puzzle is a complex and intricate part of the game that requires careful observation and problem-solving skills to overcome. By following the clues and locating the terminals, players can crack the code and access the Lost Ark within Xion.


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