In a surprising turn of events, Netflix has officially cut ties with Apple iTunes billing plans for its longstanding subscribers. According to a recent report by The Streamable, Netflix is now requiring all members on the basic plan who were using an iTunes method of payment to sign up directly with Netflix and pay using a credit card or debit card instead. This move marks a significant shift in the relationship between Netflix and Apple, and has left many customers wondering what their next steps will be.

For those loyal customers who have been enjoying Netflix’s content for years under the old $9.99 price, this change comes as a shock. Many subscribers have expressed their disappointment at the prospect of having to pay more than $5 extra for the same plan they’ve had for years. Others are faced with the option of paying $3 less than they have been and having to endure ads during their streaming experience. This sudden shift in billing methods has forced subscribers to reevaluate their relationship with streaming services, as the cost of subscriptions continues to rise.

The decision to move away from Apple iTunes billing plans is the culmination of a long-standing battle between Netflix and Apple. Despite Apple introducing in-app subscription options for iPhones in 2010, Netflix did not adopt this method in its iOS app until 2015 due to its refusal to pay Apple a 30 percent cut of the revenue. In 2018, Netflix made the bold move to remove in-app subscriptions entirely, cutting ties with Apple and taking full control of its billing process. This decision has reshaped the landscape of online streaming services and has paved the way for other platforms to follow suit.

The Future of Streaming Services

As Netflix forges ahead with its new billing system, it raises questions about the future of streaming services and their relationships with third-party providers. Will other platforms follow Netflix’s lead and prioritize direct billing over partnerships with companies like Apple? Only time will tell how this shift will impact the industry as a whole. Subscribers can expect to see more changes in the coming years as streaming services continue to evolve and adapt to meet the demands of a constantly changing market.

Netflix’s decision to move away from Apple iTunes billing plans marks the end of an era in the world of streaming services. This bold move has stirred up debates among subscribers and industry experts alike, sparking discussions about the future of online entertainment. As the dust settles, it remains to be seen how this decision will shape the landscape of streaming services moving forward.


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