It is quite remarkable how Ghostbusters has managed to carve out a permanent place in pop culture, refusing to fade away despite numerous lackluster reboots and sequels that failed to capture the magic of the original. The latest incarnation of Ghostbusters comes in the form of Destiny 2, with the introduction of Ghostbusters-themed cosmetics that are set to be released next week.

The Usual Suspects: Slimer and Echo-1

Unsurprisingly, the Ghostbusters crossover in Destiny 2 will feature some familiar faces from the iconic movie franchise. Players can expect to see the green ghost Slimer making an appearance, albeit in a somewhat polygonal and peculiar form as a skin for their Ghost companion. The design of Slimer, with his accordion-like arms, may leave some scratching their heads in confusion.

In addition to Slimer, the famous Ghostbusters vehicle, Echo-1, will also make its presence known in Destiny 2. While the specifics of how this skin will be implemented in the game are not yet clear, it appears that it may be associated with one of the new hoverboards rather than the traditional Sparrow, based on its unusual shape.

A Questionable Addition: The Demonic Sparrow

Another crossover item included in the Ghostbusters-themed update for Destiny 2 is a Sparrow adorned with demonic horns. While this addition may seem out of place and more reminiscent of a game like Diablo than Ghostbusters, it appears to be a creative attempt to expand upon the crossover content beyond the usual suspects. With Slimer and Echo-1 taking center stage, it leaves little room for innovation in terms of additional crossover elements.

The upcoming release of the Ghostbusters cosmetics in Destiny 2 coincides with the launch of the new Ghostbusters sequel, Frozen Empire, in cinemas. As the franchise continues to be resurrected time and time again, one cannot help but wonder if this iteration will be the one to finally put it to rest. However, based on past experiences, it seems unlikely that Ghostbusters will ever truly find peace and closure in the world of entertainment.


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