The latest news in tech reveals that the Epic Games Store app for EU iPhones has successfully passed Apple’s notarization process. This development is significant as it brings the alternative app store one step closer to being able to sell apps directly to iOS users outside of the traditional App Store.

According to reports from AppleInsider, while Apple has confirmed the approval of the app, they have requested Epic to “fix the buttons” in a future submission to their app review process. The approval is termed as “temporary” by Epic’s CEO, Tim Sweeney, who believes that Apple is demanding changes to the buttons in the next version of the app. Sweeney has pledged to fight against Apple’s demands, indicating that the approval is conditional.

This conditional approval is just the latest episode in the ongoing saga between Apple and Epic. Previously, Apple had reinstated Epic Games Sweden’s European developer license after facing scrutiny from EU regulators. The investigation was initiated after Apple’s decision to pull the developer license of Epic Games Sweden. Epic had initially submitted the store, along with popular game Fortnite, to Apple’s iOS notarization process at the beginning of the month. However, Apple rejected the submission citing concerns that the game store’s “in-app purchases” label and “Install” button were too similar to Apple’s own design and positioning for similar features.

Despite this setback, Epic’s perseverance has led to the recent approval, albeit with conditions imposed by Apple. The tech world eagerly awaits the next steps in this ongoing battle between the tech giants.

The temporary approval of the Epic Games Store app for EU iPhones by Apple marks a significant milestone in the quest for alternative app distribution channels. However, the conditions set by Apple highlight the challenges faced by developers seeking to operate outside the confines of the App Store ecosystem. The clash between Apple and Epic continues to unfold, shaping the future landscape of app distribution on iOS devices.


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