The eVentje is a custom camper build-out designed by Ventje, a company based in the Netherlands. It is specifically tailored for the Volkswagen ID Buzz, an electric microbus that has captured the hearts of many. The eVentje conversion is now available for general sale in Europe, offering a unique and charming camping experience for those who love to travel in style.

The eVentje camper is a well-thought-out conversion that addresses the need for a compact yet functional living space. It features a kitchen that is accessible from both inside and outside the vehicle, a pop-top tent, and a multipurpose interior that can be easily transformed from a lounge area to a bed. The design relies on over 100 magnets to keep all the wooden surfaces in place, ensuring everything stays secure during travel.

One of the standout features of the eVentje camper is the addition of a folding table and hidden stools, creating an outdoor bar area. This innovative addition allows users to enjoy meals and drinks outside, making the most of their camping experience. The kitchen has also been improved with more adaptable prep surfaces and smarter storage solutions, making it easier to cook and stay organized in a small space.

Ventje has incorporated several technological advancements into the eVentje camper to enhance the overall camping experience. The camper comes equipped with two induction cooktops, powered by a 2200W inverter and a 2160Wh leisure battery that charges from the ID Buzz’s driving battery. Additionally, there are eight USB sockets, wireless charging surfaces, and 230V AC sockets for versatile power options. The inclusion of dimmable LED light strips and a closable sunroof in the pop-top tent adds to the convenience and comfort of the camper.

Despite the eVentje’s impressive features, there are still opportunities for improvement. The ID Buzz’s software, designed by Volkswagen, can be frustrating to use and may benefit from a camping mode similar to that found in VW’s California series campers. This mode would make it easier to control heating and cooling functions while parked, enhancing the overall usability of the vehicle for camping purposes.

Additionally, the eVentje currently only sleeps two people but is capable of accommodating four. Future models may need to undergo adjustments to be highway legal for four passengers. As the eVentje competes with other camper options, such as VW’s PHEV “T7” California camper, it will be essential to focus on its unique selling points, such as retrofuturistic appeal and flexible interior design, to attract customers.

The eVentje camper conversion for the Volkswagen ID Buzz offers a compelling camping experience for enthusiasts. With its innovative design, technological enhancements, and future potential for improvements, the eVentje stands out as a noteworthy option for those looking to explore the great outdoors in style. Despite its price point, the eVentje provides a level of comfort and convenience that is hard to match in the camper market, making it a promising choice for avid travelers.


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