Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of online platforms, revolutionizing the way we access and interact with information. Fandom, a platform that hosts wikis for various fandoms, has recently announced the rollout of generative AI features. This article critically analyzes Fandom’s AI implementation, focusing on its Quick Answers feature and the adoption of AI in its image review process.

Quick Answers: Enhancing User Experience

Fandom’s most prominent AI-generated feature, Quick Answers, aims to provide users with a concise and easily accessible Q&A-style dropdown. It enables visitors to quickly find answers to specific questions about their favorite fandoms. For instance, when exploring The Witcher wiki, users can effortlessly discover that Geralt of Rivia was trained by Vesemir. This feature caters to the key reason people visit Fandom pages – to find answers about specific fandoms.

During the initial testing phase in August 2023, Fandom faced significant backlash from its community members. Complaints arose due to frequent incorrect and sometimes inappropriate answers generated by the AI. To address these concerns, Fandom paused Quick Answers in September and introduced an edit feature. Wiki admins and editors now have the ability to review and correct answers, ensuring accuracy and appropriateness within their respective fandoms.

One of the primary criticisms directed at Fandom was the lack of consultation with creators. The Hollow Knight Wiki, for example, voiced its dissatisfaction with Fandom and its AI features, citing a lack of testing and consultation as reasons for leaving the platform. Recognizing the importance of collaboration, Fandom has taken steps to rectify this issue. It has actively sought feedback from creators and users to improve its AI features, thus bridging the gap between the platform and its community.

Automating Image Review with AI

In addition to Quick Answers, Fandom has incorporated AI into its image review process. By partnering with Coactive AI, Fandom aims to ensure the rapid and accurate removal of inappropriate content. Wiki admins now have the ability to automatically approve or reject photos using the Image Review feature. Furthermore, Fandom plans to introduce auto-tagging for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes, streamlining the organization of content.

Fandom’s recent developments in AI reflect its commitment to meeting the needs of its users and creators. By actively listening to community feedback and implementing changes based on their suggestions, Fandom aims to enhance user experiences and improve the accuracy of AI-generated content. As a platform hosting 45 million wiki pages and attracting over 350 million unique visitors each month, Fandom recognizes the importance of providing functionality to serve its diverse communities better.

The integration of AI into Fandom’s platform has not been without its challenges. However, Fandom’s response to user complaints, consultation with creators, and improvements in features such as Quick Answers and Image Review demonstrate its dedication to evolving with its community. By embracing AI technology while maintaining an open line of communication, Fandom continues to shape the future of online fandom experiences.


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