Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki recently revealed that he doesn’t want his games to be overly difficult to navigate without external help. While acknowledging that players may seek assistance from guides and online communities, Miyazaki emphasized that their games are designed with a range of players in mind, including those who prefer a more organic and exploratory experience.

Miyazaki’s comments shed light on the delicate balance between challenge and accessibility in FromSoftware’s titles. While some players may struggle with certain boss encounters or areas, the developer aims to cater to the needs of those who prefer to tackle the game without external assistance. This approach ensures that both seasoned players and newcomers can enjoy the game at their own pace.

Despite FromSoftware’s efforts to create a more accessible experience, Miyazaki acknowledged that there is always room for improvement. He expressed a desire to further embrace players who may find certain sections of the game too challenging without external help. By addressing the needs of these players, the developer hopes to provide a more inclusive gaming experience for all.

As FromSoftware continues to develop new content and expansions for their games, they remain committed to striking a balance between challenge and accessibility. With the upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree DLC for Elden Ring, the developers are confident that players who have completed the base game will be well-prepared for the new challenges that lie ahead. This approach ensures that all players, regardless of skill level, can enjoy the game to its fullest potential.

Hidetaka Miyazaki’s comments highlight the evolution of difficulty in FromSoftware games and the developer’s commitment to creating a more inclusive gaming experience. By balancing challenge with accessibility, FromSoftware ensures that players of all skill levels can enjoy their games without feeling overwhelmed. With upcoming expansions and content updates, the developer continues to refine their approach, catering to the needs of both veteran players and newcomers alike.


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