The gaming industry is constantly evolving, with new technologies and accessories hitting the market every day. One such development is the recent acquisition of PDP by gaming accessory company Turtle Beach for a hefty $118 million. This move signifies Turtle Beach’s entry into the controller collecting game and opens up a new realm of possibilities for both companies and gamers alike.

Turtle Beach has been making waves in the gaming industry in recent years, expanding its range of accessories to include flight yokes and racing wheels. While it has ventured into the realm of controllers in 2021, its focus has primarily been on Xbox accessories, leaving out PlayStation and Nintendo consoles. This acquisition of PDP, a company known for its colorful and affordable gamepads, will undoubtedly diversify Turtle Beach’s product offerings.

PDP has made a name for itself in the gaming world with its unique and creative controllers. From GameCube-style Fight Pads for the Wii U to experimental transparent controllers, PDP has continually pushed the boundaries of controller design. With licenses to sell controllers for all major consoles, PDP has become a household name among gamers, especially those who enjoy Super Smash Bros and arcade-style fighting games.

The acquisition of PDP by Turtle Beach marks a significant shift in the gaming accessory market. With companies like Logitech, Corsair, and Razer also acquiring smaller vendors, the industry is experiencing a wave of consolidation. This trend is reshaping the gaming landscape, with larger companies expanding their reach and diversifying their product offerings to cater to a wider audience.

As Turtle Beach expands its portfolio with the acquisition of PDP, gamers can expect to see more innovative and creative controllers hitting the market. The merging of two industry giants is sure to result in more unique and high-quality accessories for gamers to enjoy. From specialized fight pads to customizable arcade-style joysticks, the future of gaming controllers looks bright with Turtle Beach and PDP at the helm.

The acquisition of PDP by Turtle Beach marks a new chapter in the evolution of gaming controllers. With two industry leaders joining forces, gamers can expect to see a wide range of innovative and exciting accessories in the near future. This move not only solidifies Turtle Beach’s position in the market but also opens up new possibilities for both companies to expand and grow in the ever-changing gaming industry.


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